What a concept?

What a concept!

Life is not fair. Life is not easy. Life is full of strife, trials and tests of faith and hope. Every time one seems to hit a high, a low comes just as quickly on its heels. But: Joy is a Choice.

How true! And what a test of faith and hope that one sentence is. What a life challenge that one sentence is!

We are creatures of emotions and moods. Sometimes there are no explanations for our moods. We can wake up in a good mood and have a wonderful day or we can wake up in a bad mood and have a hard day.

Though we have control over our thoughts, our actions and our words….we have no control over our emotions and our moods. But there is One who can control our emotions and calm our moods – jesus.

So yes we have a choice. We have a choice to choose Joy. Even when all life seems to give us is sorrow, we can choose to celebrate God’s providence in our lives. Sometimes in the midst of a storm we have to stop and give thanks that we have not been struck by lightning.

Yes. Joy is a Choice.

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