My 1st National Writers Conference

The writer, the written and the writing tool
Image by Ravages via Flickr

I have been anticipating this weekend for over 2 months now. I am in the midst of attending my first writer‘s conference. Wow! This weekend is Gold for anyone serious about their writing. That’s me! I have attended workshops given by agents. editors, authors, scriptwriters and publishers…Right now I am on a Creative High!

I will post blog posts throughout this coming week about all the workshops I attended. This weekend has really challenged me. I realised once again how amazing it is to be part of this wonderful world of writers and artists. The support, encouragement and critique that I have experienced this weekend has been an eye-opener to the graciousness and humility of truly talented and gifted people in the publishing, writing and movie industries.

I will sign off now…last day of the conference tomorrow…so need my sleep to nourish and absorb all the creative energy I am feeling.

scribbling away,


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