Soul Photographs

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Dear Reader,

Photography….sometimes when you look through the lens of a camera you are able to see true depth. The red indians used to believe that when they were photographed that a piece of their soul was stolen for the time that the photograph was taken. I think that there could be something to that. A photograph is a modern marvel that has allowed us to capture moments and emotions and keep them for posterity. You see a beautiful sunset and you may remember it for a few hours or a few days…but if you have photographed it…every time you look at the photograph you are taken back to that moment in time and are able to recapture that moment.

I think beauty forever alters the soul. The important thing is to search for the beautiful in the ordinary. Our lives are filled with beautiful moments but so often we miss sight of these moments because we are so caught up in living. We need to be more observant.

We need to have a soul-photograph of moments of beauty…

Think of an incoming wave…or the arch of a rainbow…or the petal of a daisy…so many very beautiful things and moments surround us daily. Let me not rush through life and rush through living. Life is so short that I must search for inspiration every day in the things around me. I want to take soul-photographs….I want to capture the beautiful, the extraordinary, the amazing, the miraculous….and all of these things are brought into my life daily. Let me not take life for granted. It is the most precious and rare commodity in this life.

I have just had an A-Ha moment…

I write daily morning pages in an unedited diary-style. I got this inspiration from a wonderful book called “The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron”. (If you have not read this wonderful book, please get yourself a copy….)

I call these morning pages My Soul-Photographs. This is truly what they are…photographs caught of my soul early in the morning…This is a way of unlocking my creative juices and sometimes allows me to even unlock the creative imagination locked into my dreams.

How do you exercise your creative mind? Do you have a ritual…?

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5 thoughts on “Soul Photographs

  1. Just reading one of your posts shows me how much you really do love writing, and you express it in a truly wonderful way. However, I have no time to be envious, I have to catch up 🙂
    I do remember several moments in my life I wish I could have taken photos of, and after this I’ll take some time to see the few I actually have!
    Maybe we leave a bit of our soul in everything we do, not only on photos. I can definitely feel a bit of yours in your writing haha I’m totally a fan now, see you around!

  2. Don’t you just love the morning pages? I wish I was more consistent with mine. I often fall back on the evening pages. It is so freeing to write in stream that way. I love the way you see–your soul photographs. Lovely.

    1. Thank you for the comments. Yes I love the Morning Pages. I also understand you writing Evening Pages. I am more a night owl than a morning robin. But there is something to be said for capturing those very first thoughts of your consciousness early in the morning, uncluttered by the day’s events. I was listening to the video of Julia Cameron discussing her view and inspiration of The Morning Pages and it has re-inspired me to start my “Soul Photographs”. Sometimes life can be busy and time can be short, those few minutes in bed in the mornings can be a precious luxury….but instead of letting life interrupt your creative process…I am turning that on its head by letting my creative process interrupt my life.

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