Funny POV’s on “The Art of being a Writer”

Here are some humorous POV’s on the joys & frustrations of “Writing” and being a “writer“.

Writing is a serious business. Writers take themselves (ourselves) and their (our) work very seriously. Sometimes we even take it to seriously. But at the end of the day, we really write because we enjoy it. So here are some humorous takes on what being a writer is all about.

If you are having a moment of “writer’s block”: Remember that writing is about creating and telling stories. Don’t beat yourself up. Sit back and take a break. Your story will still be there. Writing is a bit like a relationship: In the early stages, you want to spend all your time in the relationship. Then it gets to that awkward 6 month mark where you need a time out and just need some me-time to refocus. It is ok to want some me-time away from “the novel”.

© All rights reserved Kim Koning.

One thought on “Funny POV’s on “The Art of being a Writer”

  1. Thank you for this. Although I agree with you about ‘me time’ away from the novel, I now wish I had Stewie to badger me (in a high-pitched voice) about my writing. 🙂

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