Blogs I Applaud and Award

There are many blogs that I subscribe to and many that I have found while wandering through different web links. There are a few blogs that really stand out to me though. I have decided to give a weekly Blog award to the Blog that I most Applaud for the week.

This week I am choosing a blog that never fails to inspire or challenge me. It is written by a woman who is a fellow Scribbler and is a loyal follower, commenter and encourager of my own blogging attempts. I first befriended her on the Scribblerati Ning network of writers that I belong to. Since then she has become someone I admire.

Her posts are insightful and grounded in deep thought. Most of her posts are on writing and the writing life but all of them are rooted in personal accounts and experiences. She is a writer first and foremost but I am getting to know her as a kind, wise and honest friend and woman.

This is what I love about online networks whether through blogs or social communities: you may not meet the person in reality but you do start connecting on a deep level with birds of a similar feather to yourself. The internet and world wide web have indeed made the world a smaller place but it has also made human connection more accessible in a very tangible way. Many of these fellow writers and poets that I have met online are becoming friends. This lovely lady who I am applauding and awarding this week is definitely one of these that I count as friends.

This week’s Blog that I Applaud and Award is:
….drum roll…

Rachna’s Scriptorium

So, if you have not yet come across Rachna’s wonderful Scriptorium….make haste and take yourself to her site this week. It will be a visit that you will thank me for recommending.

I hereby Applaud and Award



The Grasshopper Award

This award is given out to a Blog of Excellence.

It is in honour of a Blog that always teaches you and challenges you.

Thank you Rachna to both you and your Scriptorium for always teaching me and never failing to both challenge and inspire me.


© All rights reserved Kim Koning.

2 thoughts on “Blogs I Applaud and Award

  1. Thanks Kim, I will cherish the award and our friendship means a lot to me. I have always been inspired by your posts, especially the Monday Mental Muscles which will help us to stretch our writing muscles.

    I love the Grasshopper Award. It will look great on my blog. 🙂

    1. Glad you like The Grasshopper Award – an award truly well-deserved!
      Monday’s Mental muscles this week will be postponed to Thursday this week – as I was away on a work conference and unable to post.
      Glad you enjoy the writing exercises!

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