Monday Mental Muscles # 2 – Thursday


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First off, apologies to my followers for not posting some Mental Muscles on Monday. I was away for a work conference for my day job. However, I have been thinking up some new writing exercises for this week.

How are those muscles feeling? Which exercises did you complete from last week’s post?

My mental muscles have been working overtime this week both in writing and in sales talk for the day job.

So in line with what has been running through my mind this week, here are this week’s Mental Muscles exercises.

  1. Write a sales brochure in the voice of your Main Character (MC) selling their story.
  2. Write a list of your MC’s favourite shopping destinations – is your MC a bargain shopper / or are they all about labels?
  3. If your MC could invent a product that would make their life easier: what would it be and why would they need it?

Remember the rules of Monday Mental Exercises. Pick at least 1 exercise out of the 3. If you blog about this exercise, please link back to this blog. Tell us which exercise you picked and how it worked for you.

Happy Stretching!

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