Gaga for Circus Ponies

Carved Circus Pony
Image by Atelier Teee via Flickr

I think that I have mentioned in previous posts that I have a small problem. It costs me in time and money but I am addicted. The thing is I don’t want to be cured. They say the first step in recovery is admitting you have one. While I will admit an addiction but I do not believe that it is a problem. In fact, it has been an asset in many ways. But in case this is the first time you have come across one of my posts about it I will clue you in:

I am a software junkie…Any software – photography software, graphic design software, organisational software and my favourite writing software. Lucky for me I also happen to use an OS (Operating System – computer speak) that is RICH in PHENOMENAL software development. I am a MacGal.

Well today I came across a new yummy program and it’s called….

Circus Ponies Notebook version 3.0

But before I tell you anymore about this. I am going to confess, here and now, to another addiction in my life: I am a stationery junkie…Since I was very young, I have loved pretty pens, pencils, highlighters, notebooks, writing paper and all things stationery related. As I grew older this grew to include white boards, pin boards, cork boards, filo-fax binders, journals and the ever useful sticky notes.

Now, I guess you are wondering why I mention my stationery addiction in the same post as my software addiction. Well, it all has to do with this little circus of a program.

This is going to be a review in progress since this program has just come to my attention and I have just downloaded the (very generous) 30 day full featured trial version. But just looking at the videos on the developer’s website had me hooked.

From the little that I have been able to figure out, in an evening, a truer name could not be found other than the current moniker. This really does seem to be a digital notebook of circus ponies. Like any decent circus pony, this program has lots of tricks up its sleeve.

So today I am going to do a very summarised review but I will be linking through to a number of review sites at the bottom of this post where you will find more concise reviews.

The first thing that sums up this program is the top blurb on the developer’s website:

Organization for a Creative Mind

Circus Ponies NoteBook is the revolutionary award-winning application that helps Mac OS X users get

organized. With its intuitive notebook interface, versatile content handling, and powerful searching and

sharing capabilities, NoteBook has become the tool of choice for clipping e-mails and web pages; taking

notes; managing to do lists and projects; writing papers, books, and novels; getting organized for school;

building electronic notebooks for trial; managing film and TV shoots; and more. (from their website)

What do I love about it on first download?

  • It looks just like a notebook. (Perfect for that traditionalist with a modern touch)
  • You can tag and note anything with sticky notes – digital style
  • You can keep all your internet research in one place
  • It keeps a record of all the websites addresses you download your info from.
  • It has a number of formats including pdf
  • It allows you to make draw simple diagrams or sketches
  • It is a place to store images
  • You can upload it into a website form through web hosts like MobileMe
  • It syncs with your iCal
  • It makes to-do-lists
  • It automatically indexes all of your work in a comprehensive index
  • You can write a book in it,
  • Prepare court trials,
  • Organize a tv/film shoot,
  • Use it as a journal
  • Record your notes in voice annotation

So that is what has hooked me?

But I am going to test it out properly now and then get back to you with a full review. Why don’t you give it a try? You might just be like me…..

Gaga for Circus Ponies!

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning

2 thoughts on “Gaga for Circus Ponies

  1. I just ordered The Missing Manual for the Mac yesterday. Would much rather have the book than search for all the How tos on-line (I spend enough time on-line as it is!). So starting from step 1 with getting my Mac organized! Will watch your review……Thanks Kim!

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