I have the “blogging” feeling…whoa..

Well it has been a hectically busy week this week! But there is always sugar to the spice and this weekend my sugar has been feeling “blogging” love. I have been honoured to received  blogging awards in the last 2 days.

My first blogging award is from my lovely friend and amazing writer, Rachna Chhabria @ Rachna’s Scriptorium.

I would like to pass on the “Blogging Love Feeling” to a few stylish blogs that I follow…

  1.  Elle Cosimano
  2. Kavita @ How I write, is mine…How you read, is your’
  3. Leigh K Hunt @ her Parchment Place



So passing on the Blogging Love to some Versatile Bloggers that I follow:

  1. Olivia Tejeda
  2. OracleJuice – a collective of 4 bloggers
  3. The Running Garlic
  4. The League of Extraordinary Writers
  5. Kerryn Angell @ No Excuses, Just Write
  6. Judith Van Praag @ Hope Filled Jars

The Rules for accepting The Versatile Blogger Award are to list 7 things about me that you did not know…Mmmmh….Had to put on my thinking cap for this one but here goes:

  1. I wrote my first story when I was 7 years old. I remember what my teacher told me when reading it, she said that one day I would be a writer as I was a natural Story-Teller. (I am still writing and my short story “The Ring of Fire” is being published this year in Tales for Canterbury…so her words must have been prophetic.)
  2. I speak/read/write 4 languages fluently: English/German/Afrikaans/Zulu and am conversationally fluent in Greek.
  3. I hate mornings. Being a true Night Owl I never go to bed before midnight.
  4. I can see ghosts.
  5. My great-great-grandfather was one of the founding members of De Beers Diamonds.
  6. I am a direct descendant of Mary, Queen of Scots.
  7. I am a cultural mongrel..My heritage is: German, Jewish, French, Italian, Irish, English

Thank you to Rachna for my award. They were both a lovely surprise.


4 thoughts on “I have the “blogging” feeling…whoa..

  1. Hi Kim……congrats on your awards, your blog is one place I love to visit.

    Nice to know that you can see ghosts, no wonder you can see me. 🙂

    Your teacher was indeed prophetic.

    1. 😀
      Hi Rachna. Thank you my dear friend for the lovely award and thank you for being one of my most loyal followers. 🙂

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