Meeting Vampires with Mari Miniatt

Join me in welcoming Mari Minatt to the interview seat today. 

I first met Mari on Twitter and since then have grown to define her by vampires, fantasy and all things horror. Mari is the author of two books and works on many short stories too. So let’s give her a warm Warrior welcome.


girl with a quill: Tell us a bit about yourself. Who is Mari Miniatt?

Mari: Originally from Wisconsin, I now live in Central New York.
 I am the youngest of seven. I have alway been interested in horror and
girl with a quill: If you wrote yourself a part in one of your stories,
what role would you play and why?
Mari: Parts of me have already ended up in characters. But myself as
a character, a recent empty nester that hunts ghosts.
Part of me would love to do that.
girl with a quill: When did you decide that you wanted to be a writer?

Mari: I have always wrote. Writing was a hobby for most of my life.

A few years ago, something clicked in my head and started to take
my writing more seriously. A story I had worked on for over ten years
became the first series I wanted to put out.
girl with a quill: Many people in 9-5 jobs have a water-cooler space
where they go to talk with their colleagues about work issues.
Do you have a “water-cooler” group for your writing life?
Mari: Other than the writers I talk to on-line. It is at work!
There is a small group of women I get with every two weeks.
We sit at the cafe at work, and go over our writing. I love it.
girl with a quill: Who or what is the greatest influence on you as a writer?
and Why?
Mari: My father. He wrote everyday. When he was in his 70’s he
self published his memoirs of being a hobo. This was before the
internet and print on demand publishers. So he paid a local printer
to publish the books.
girl with a quill: If your life story were a novel, what genre would it be
and what would be the story-arc up to this point?
Mari: Chick lit. It would be a person that hits their idea of what the 
bottom is and works their way out. With the help of their immediate family.

girl with a quill: Tell us about the place that you write? What do you fill
that space with?
Mari: In the living room. My netbook on a small table. Along the walls
are some paintings my husband painted for inspiration. Along with maps
and sketches of characters.
girl with a quill: Tell us about your writing process from that magical moment
when the story’s idea / character voice interrupts your thoughts…
what happens next?
Mari: I find that an idea will be bouncing around my head for a while,
then something will click, and I have to write the whole story down.
If the story is really hot, I can knock 4,000 words in a sitting.
girl with a quill: Are you a plotter, a pantster or a little of both?

Mari: Pantster. It might help to think of my rough draft as a very

detailed outline.
girl with a quill: How important a part does the digital world and
an online platform play in your life?
Do you believe that writers now have more control over their own
platform now that we live in an increasingly virtual online world
of social networking/blogging/tumbling/tweeting ect? 
Mari: Ten years ago, I would not know what to do with my stories. I posted
some up on my own website. But nothing else. Now, it’s not just the options
you have about where and how you publish your stories, but how you can
reach an audience. A lot of the old style promotions are still valid, such as
book signings. But with Twitter and sites like Goodreads you can reach
around the world. This allows us to develop our own on-line presence.
Its strange but you can tell which people are using an assistant or if they
are posting themselves. People are expecting more interaction. We can finally
give it to them.
girl with a quill: What genre do you write in now?

Mari: Horror/ fantasy. My horror has a bit of fantasy and my fantasy

has a bit of horror in it.
girl with a quill: If you could try your pen at another genre,
which genre would you choose?
Mari: Steampunk. I would love to have a story click in my head for that
girl with a quill: Are you working on any new story now?
Can you tell us a bit about it?
Mari: I am wrapping up some short stories right now. But one story
I keep coming back to, that is getting longer and longer is a sort of
buddy cop idea. Except one is a bounty hunter vampire and the other
is a wizard. They ended up hunt down a serial killer that is killing
supernatural creatures. 
girl with a quill: If you met a found a golden lamp with a genie and
he told you he could either make one of your stories come true or
that you could become a character for a short time in another author’s book,
which option would you choose and why?
Mari: I would love to have my vampires be real. Even knowing what is
going to happen in the end, it would be cool to meet them.
girl with a quill: What is more important to you: Story or Character?
Mari: Characters. The basic plot of your story could be one that
has been used over and over again. Readers will ignore that if your
characters are interesting enough to hold them to the story.
girl with a quill: Who is your favourite character that you have created
and why? 

Mari: Perun. He is a wildman, a real wildman. Called a Leshy in folklore.

What I love about him is that he is almost all ego, but has a large heart
as well. My husband describes him as all male. Which is a good description.
Perun likes to mess with people, especially if they are harming his woods.
But if he considers you a friend, he will defend you. Everything he does
for a reason, even if we can’t understand his logic. Plus it helps he has a
way with women, too. He will be coming out in Patriarch.
girl with a quill: Who is your favourite character in the literary world and why?

Mary: Samuel Vimes from the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett.

He has an amazing character arc, from when we first meet him, laying drunk
in the gutter, to Duke of Anhk-Morpork. Yet, he still stays close to the
lower class he came from. A strong character, that makes mistakes, and
learns to clean up any mess he gets in.
girl with a quill: If you could throw a dinner party and invite 5 famous creative people,
who would they be and why?
Mari: Terry Pratchett, Stephan King, Ray Bradbury, George Takei,
and Jyrki 69, Terry Pratchett, Stephan King, Ray Bradbury because
they are my favorite writers.
George Takei: Because I am a fan of Star Trek, but he is very interesting
person too.
Jyrki 69 is the lead singer of a Finnish band called The 69 Eyes.
He is also an activist against child trafficking and has a chemistry degree.
Very interesting combination.
girl with a quill: If you could throw a dinner party and invite 5 of your
favourite fictional characters, who would they be and why?
Mari: Steopa, from my stories. He would be interesting and of all my
vampires could attend a dinner, as long as it was pirogies and vodka.
The aforementioned Samuel Vimes. When ever he does dinner parties
in the books, it’s a riot.
Arthur Dent. How he holds it together in just a bathrobe…. I will never
Chuck Bartowski from the TV show Chuck. So much like me, except for
the spy stuff.
Thor from the comics, not the one from myth. simple eye candy.
girl with a quill: If you could give yourself one piece of advice at
the beginning of your writing career, what would it be?
Mari: Show it to people!


girl with a quill: What is the one piece of writing advice you could give

your future self, 10 years from now?
Mari: Take your time editing.

girl with a quill: What do you want your lasting legacy, as a writer,

to be?
Mari: I hope people enjoy my books, and like the twists I did to the
girl with a quill: Where can we buy your books?

Mari: Amazon, Smashwords. And if you are in Syracuse,

NY the Enchanted Bazaar and the CNY Artist Store.
girl with a quill: Finally where can we find on the web?


 twitter I am @leapetra and If you want to meet my characters.

@SteopaR and @BiteNice are on twitter. 

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