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This month’s blog hop is all about Inspiration. So here I have posted inspiration vision boards of all the essential elements in life that inspire who I am, how I write and how I see the world.

I have also included one of my poems about poetry because for me poetry is the ultimate inspiration. It is raw, emotional, passionate, free and naked. It holds all of my truths.


Inspiration is A snapped twig in the dark

Inspiration is sometimes loud and jarring. But sometimes it is that one snapped twig in the dark forest. There is an eery silence and you believe you are all alone and then very faintly you hear a distinctive snap: someone is walking there. Suddenly you are not alone.

Today I heard the snapped twig in the dark forests of my imagination. It is the foot tread of a story. It moves quickly and quietly through the forest. Is it following me or am I following it? I still my thoughts and listen. The dark silence is almost deafening. Nothing.

Out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimmer of movement. There is a shadow behind the tree. My heart beats violently struggling to maintain its home in my chest.

I feel watched.

Yellow eyes…


Places, pursuits, pasttimes and pieces that inspire me 

 Quotations that inspire me

Inspirations of Philosophy

My totem muse – The Dragonfly

My muse is the Dragonfly… the Dragonfly is one of the few creatures comfortable in air,water and land; it is also beautiful and ethereal in a surreal way. To me the Dragonfly is the perfect symbol of an artist of creativity. Like creativity it skims the surface of the deeper waters of the inner soul. It is a symbol of change, power, speed, purity and living life in the moment.



Soul Wings

If writing words are the Bare Bones of me,

then Poeme` is the ephemeral Soul of me

Bones are formed from dust

flesh out the form of my shadow

Poeme` the intangible core of my being

the breath of life to my shadow

Without the breath divinely inspired

I am but a lost thing having no heart, no core, no soul

My soul is not anchored in my flesh

but soars within the cage of my earthly body

This too is the beautiful tragedy of  Poeme`

Flesh pulls the oxygen from the air

my core pulls divine inspiration into streaming flight

~ the uncaged bird is set free ~

I can no more cage this poeme`

to trap my soul in earthly realms hollows my flesh

Poeme` is life fleshed into my Bones

A place where the intangible is material

A window through which the tears of God

break open the unseen cracks in a heart

A Love divine and Light surreal

is my heart free, my soul uncaged

the Bird of Poeme` soaring into the heavenly realms.

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning

Seek after Inspiration

& drink of its winds,

~ Kim

15 thoughts on “Inspire | Imagine | Illuminate

    1. Thank you for the lovely compliments Alexander…Made me smile. Glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂

  1. I’ve never thought to do a post this way–you’ve inspired me! So visually lovely… and I agree 100% with Eden… the snapped twig metaphor is so true and clear.

    And your ‘poeme’ was fabulous… “If Writing words are the Bare Bones of me…”
    I relate.

    1. Hi Patti 🙂 Thank you for your kind words. I am glad the post inspired you, then I did my job.

  2. Kim, I loved your metaphor of a snapped twig in the dark. It was beautifully written. I actually found it more visual than your storyboards, which is always a sign for me of a well-written piece – I heard it, felt it, and definitely saw it.

    I love poetry too for the very reasons you mentioned, and it’s great that you have so many places from where to draw your inspiration.


  3. the dragon fly is also very strong – tenacious – I rescued one from my house once it sat on the window – putting out a finger to it and invited it on – the grip around my finger was incredible – almost scary! and there was no way I could shake it of – I had to wait until it let go itself.

    1. I did not know a dragonfly was that strong physically although it does not surprise me. They are amazing creatures. They have always fascinated me. Thanks for stopping by Alberta. 🙂

  4. I’ve seen vision boards used in the past and really like them. I love yours, they hold so much colour.

    I also loved the snapped twig in the dark.

    Thank you for sharing Kim.

    1. Yes I am a fan of vision boards, started using them about 2 years ago and now I use them all the time. I love creating the new vision boards too…Glad you enjoyed the “snapped twig”. Thanks for stopping by Rebecca. 🙂

    1. Hi Ruchira. Thank you. Glad you found it inspiring. I love colour, very important to my creative space. Nice to see you here. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  5. this is superb Kim, my desk is cluttered but comfortable for me with inspirations/quotes and photos…some think it’s messy, but I know where I’m going with it. I enlarged all the photos to read the quotes and they are magnificent,
    thank you

    1. Hi Jill 🙂 Yes, I am a bit of a quotes junkie 🙂 Totally hear you on knowing where everything is on your desk. Nobody messes with what is on my desk, I would never be able to find anything then. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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