The Passing of Pain


The time of healing is near

yet for a distance,

Tears unshed with silent screams

Agony through the barrier of solitude.

Emotions create voids;

voids of self-discovery

Is it fear of vulnerability?

Arrows of others’ views

The bows of torment are sprung…

The clouds of time are building slowly

The torrent of healing is falling

Time strikes through

The barrier disintergrates.

As the quiet of a storm

so silence of the heart,

Focus on solitude lifts

Wounds wrap in scars.

Scars fall apart

lives weave a quilt of patchwork,

Thread sewn – meant to tear

The needle of Love

first and last

Eternal Union…

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.

3 thoughts on “The Passing of Pain

  1. Hello Kim. I’m enjoying your blog. Your poetry is wonderful as usual however I’m noticing that pain seems to be a frequent theme. I hope that is not indicative of your real life. Hope all is well with you.

    1. Hi Tom
      I guess my poetry is sometimes just raw. I find it easier to write of the darker emotions – which I have experienced a few of – but I am not all dark 🙂 will put up some lighter poetry just for you!
      Thanks for stopping by…

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