My Writing Nest

Famous Writer’s Rooms 

Above I have included a fascinating look into the writing spaces of some authors you may know. Writers’/ Artists’ spaces have always inspired me. There is something very personal about a place where creativity is nurtured.

One week in the new house at the coast. Finally I have finished with my writing nest. It is filled with all the things that inspire me. This is my place of refuge. As promised, here are some pictures of my writing nest. What do you fill your writing nest with?

261639_102793433149122_6699957_n 259944_102793813149084_1256527_n 260524_102793639815768_3702503_n 262004_102793929815739_2574794_n 262009_102793973149068_2608755_n 265064_102793473149118_630480_n 267659_102793669815765_3840860_n 267709_102794023149063_3553930_n 269094_102793579815774_1206917_n 271004_102793729815759_926681_n

 – My Memory table with my favourite lazyboy armchair. This is my spot for reading and ruminating – ever good writing nest needs one of these. (the cute black and white creature is my gorgeous papillon, Jazz – the dancing pup)

 My lovely roll top desk – now in its perfect place – and my ergonomically designed chair.

Pictures on the wall are of my creative home of inspiration – Greece.

My new writing mascot, the tiger (Gary Pinkleton) – named and gifted by my brother. My scented candles. (Red – Spiced Apple and Cinnamon, White – Wild Apple & Milk/Honey) 

 My ever present writing mascot – the pink troll (he holds a little sign that says “nobody is perfect”)

Thanks for visiting. Now excuse me while I ask you to leave so that I can close the door to my writing nest and get to hatching some new words.


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11 thoughts on “My Writing Nest

  1. Wow!! Gorgeous

    Perhaps, if my recently-published book sells well enough, I can move out of my writer’s cave/studio apartment into a house with a room dedicated to writing 🙂

  2. Love your pink troll! I need a writing mascot. Hmm…thanks for getting me thinking. I recently wrote a post on my blog about my new table (in my busy family it doubles as a place to write, eat, and do crafts). One day I hope to have a room of my own again!

    1. Thanks Tara 🙂 I love my troll too…been a mascot for me for years now…the desk just does not look right if he is not there. 🙂

  3. It’s looking FABULOUS, Kimmi!! Well done 🙂 Oh gosh, I bet you are just chuffed with the new space. How wonderful!!
    There is nothing quite like having one’s personal creativity space, is there? It’s so important to have somewhere of our own to create in… as we all need just a little area of peace and nurturing.

    1. Thanks Chick! Very CHUFFED! Very important to have a “room of one’s own”….now to get back to writing and that creating everyone speaks of 🙂

    1. Thanks Elise…Now I can rest easy now that my space is complete. Was driving me batty not having this space sorted out. 🙂

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