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It is Thanksgiving in the USA. I am not in the USA nor am I American but I have many American friends. Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful and appreciate people that you care about in life. I have been blogging now for 18months and in that time my friendship circle has grown to include inspirational people – writers, poets and artists from all around the globe. I am continuously inspired by the creativity and imagination of these people. So in honour of Thanksgiving I am going to create a new Blog Award which will be given out annually to mark my gratitude and to honour the most Create-Spirational Blogs that add to my Inspirations…

Announcing The Annual…

The Annual “CreateSpiration” Blog Award ~ Awarded by Dragonfly Scrolls

There are rules and requirements for this blog award to be passed on…

  • Pick 20 Blogs that have truly inspired you in the year
  • Write an acceptance blog post
  1. Choose a quote on Inspiration.
  2. Choose a quote on Creativity.
  3. Choose and post a song-video that has inspired you this year. (After all what is life without music.)
  4. Write down a list of 5 things that inspired you in the year.
  5. Write down 5 ways that you plan on being inspirational in the coming year.
  6. Pass on the award to the 20 blogs you have chosen.
  7. Each year you must choose 20 new blogs, you can only give out this award once to someone.
  8. Link back to the post where you were awarded.
  9. Link to this rules & requirements page  – The Annual CreateSpiration Blog Award
  10. Awarded every Thanksgiving. (The last weekend in November)


The 20 Blogs who are my Favourite Create-Spiration Blogs for 2011

For the above Awardees, grab the following award widget                                                                                      (by clicking on the image) to feature on your blog:

© Dragonfly Scrolls 2011-2012 Blog Award

Favourite quote on Inspiration:

I dwell in Possibility | Emily Dickinson

Favourite quote on Creativity:

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. | Mark Twain

My 2011 Song of Inspiration:

This song inspires me in both its lyrics and because it is a celebration of New York – a city that truly is an inspiration in looking for the silver lining in a heavy storm cloud – and because it is a song about having a “pocketful of dreams” and going out into the big wide world to chase those dreams and make them a reality. 

Five things/people that Inspired me this year:

  1. My family – who supported me in my dream to become a full-time writer
  2. My friends – who always cheer for me in all my endeavors and who always believe in me – also counted on to give me a good butt-kicking every now and again. Special mention to: Alethea Dantes, Vasiliqui Galanopoulous, Jay Smith, Jane Webb Olivier, Desre Tate, Emma Mees, Colin Nel, Leigh K Hunt, Rachna Chhabria, Drew Cross, Al Boudreau, Judith Van Praag, Penny Epel, Danielle Beith Ruschena. (Each of you have a trail of footprints in my heart. I am honoured that you are in my life. Thank you for your love, support, encouragement and the constant source of inspiration through friendship that you gift to me just by being you. x)
  3. Eat,Pray,Love – This book and this movie have inspired so much in my life
  4. Social Networks – All those I follow and connect with through blogging, twitter,Facebook ect.
  5. PostaDay 2011 and PostaWeek2011 – These helped me get into a regular blogging schedule.

Five Ways I plan on being inspirational in 2012

  1. Through my Amazon Wanderings where I take off into the wild yonders of South America and write about it.
  2. Through this creativity & inspiration blog @ Dragonfly Scrolls
  3. Posting a photo at least once a week in a new photo-blog starting 01.01.12…link coming soon
  4. Posting a poem at least once a week in my poetry portfolio @ Soul Photographs
  5. Creating a gratitude journal that will work in combo with the new photo-blog.

20 thoughts on “Thanksgiving | Create-Spirational People

  1. Nice, I love your 5 ways to be inspirational this coming year. The photography blog is awesome, especially to combine that with words of gratitude. I admire you for having such a passion on writing and keeping up blogs. I sometimes feel slightly overwhelmed with trying to keep up one blog, not to mention 4 or 5. You are talented and creative, that’s no doubt, but also must be very disciplined to be able to do it. I look forward to reading more of your posts, Kim. I’m doing blog hopping now, and they’re all yours. LOL. I’m happy to do it, though. Your stuff are just amazing!

    1. Your comments make me smile 🙂
      Thank you for being so effusive in your compliments.
      Yes 😉 noticed you are doing some blog-hopping around my blogs.
      Happy to have you visit any of them.
      Keep an eye out for my new photo-blog – will publicize it soon.
      Hope you have a lovely day 🙂

  2. I’m honored, dear friend, to know that I’ve affected in you some positive way…it’s truly an honor, as i respect and admire you, both as a writer and a friend. *major hugs* I love Alicia Keyes’ “New York”…so moving. Great choice!

  3. Forgot to tell you that I am extremely thankful to have you as my Crit Partner. Your feedback and comments regarding my manuscript have been simply out of this world and your handling of my writer’s ego has been nothing short of miraculous. I look forward to a very long and fruitful interaction with you, Kim. Lots of hugs to you 🙂

    1. Thank You to for your friendship Rachna…and your site definitely is an inspiration…it is always insightful. 🙂

  4. Thanks Kim, for this wonderful award. I am honoured that you consider my small blog an Inspirational one. Its been 20 months since I started blogging. I cherish each and every one I have met on this amazing writing journey. Its thanks to you all that I summoned the guts to start querying in America, so far from where I stay in India.
    I am Thankful for having you all in my life; each and every wonderful writer I met on this amazing journey. Love and Hugs to all of you 🙂

  5. Bless your heart Kim! I appreciate you thinking of me! I would like very much to visit all the other blogs that you gave this award to. I also sent you an email.

    1. HI Tom 🙂 In answer to your email..yes you can of course still have the award..totally understand the business of being busy! 🙂 Enjoy the award!

  6. I’ll have to get onto this tomorrow, Kimmi. What a wonderful thought – thank you for having me here as one of your inspirations. I love the thought that you want to start a chain of inspiration. Will have to chuck it in my calendar as a reminder each year 🙂
    It’s good to be thankful for those around us 🙂
    You inspire us all too!!

    1. It is so easy to get bogged down in negativity but our world abounds with inspiration and inspirational people who charge out atmosphere with creativity and optimism…It is important to link to that inspiration as many times as we can…You of course are one the stalwart cornerstones in inspiration Chick 🙂

  7. Thank you, winged one! This year must seem like such a landmark for you, with your decision to write full time. I’m honoured to have my blog mentioned as an inspiration – and long may you feel inspired.

    1. It is indeed a landmark year and all the blogs mentioned here are a huge part of the inspiration that gave me the wings to take flight with my dreams 🙂 You are always an inspiration Roz! x

    1. You are one of the original bloggers of inspiration Nicky 🙂 Thought it might be a lovely way to create a chain of inspiration…looking forward to seeing who are your 20 CreateSpirational blogs. x

  8. Thank you to every single person that I named in this post. You each have been an inspirational boost for me this year. I am truly grateful for each of you and thankful to know you.
    – Kim 🙂

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