Ease your eyes

Help....my computer "broke" my eyes...

Do you suffer from headaches or migraines?

Do you suffer from eye-strain?

Do you battle to fall asleep after working on your computer?

Do you suffer from insomnia and frequently use computers?

Do you wake up at 3am wanting to type down that fleeting idea but turn over instead with aching eyes from the glare of your screen?

If you answered yes to just one of these questions…I have the solution for you.


This incredible software is free for you to download and is available for all the operation systems – Apple Mac OSX, WindowsXP/Vista/7, Linux, IOS and Cydia…

I downloaded this software yesterday and within about 5 minutes immediately noted the ease on my eyes while using it last night. I can answer yes to all the above questions. I also tend to use my computer mostly at night. After using it for two night’s use I am convinced and persuaded that this software is a MUST-HAVE. Scratch that. After 5 minutes I was convinced.

You download it, then you choose your location and timezone and the software does everything else automatically. At nightfall, it changes the lighting on your screen to match an evening atmosphere. Gone is the bright white glare and it is replaced with a soft orange-yellow glow that is like a silk pillow on your sight.

The developers have done extensive interviews and research on sleep disorders/deprivation…their results are here.

As for any questions you may have…find the answers here.

So what are you waiting for…download it now and revolutionize your computer use and ease your eyes…

Click on the sun to take you to the download.
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2 thoughts on “Ease your eyes

  1. I’m so pleased that this is helping, Kim!!
    It was actually recommended to me by a sleep specialist, and I have never looked back since, nor have I suffered eye-strain at all since having it installed on my home computers. Certainly makes like easier!

    1. 🙂 Thank YOU for recommending it.
      Confession time: I remember when you recommended it a few months back but for some reason I thought it was only downloadable for Windows so did not even check out the site. But when you mentioned it this week again, I thought I would check. Didn’t really expect such a drastic difference before I downloaded it. But I am persuaded and convinced! This software is an eye-saver…been very necessary with the week I have had!
      You are a honey for pointing me in the right direction 🙂

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