December Chill-liciousness | #12DayCreepfest Blog Tour

You can try and lock them out…but locks don’t keep out ghosts…this Christmas you will be haunted by 12 days of chilling tales, 12 days of Nightmares before Christmas and 12 days of “white with fear” Christmas…

Are you ready? Are you ready to face your greatest fears?

Join me and many other horror/dark fantasy authors as we fill the 12 days before Christmas with new twists on the Nightmare before Christmas…

Click on Poe's green bow tie to take you to the Creepfest home zone.

Starting on 13.12.11 and ending with a chill and a hiss on the night before Christmas 24.12.11…

There will be giveaways,contests and chilling tales that will fill your veins with ice.

Don’t miss out. Join in on the fun. Support the hoppers and the #Creepfest Blog Tour.

Tweet it. Facebook it. G+ it. +1 it. tumblr it. reddit. stumble upon it.

Most important…turn up on 13.12.11 for the #12DayCreepfest Blog Tour.

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5 thoughts on “December Chill-liciousness | #12DayCreepfest Blog Tour

    1. It will be loads of creepy fun and there are a brilliant Creepfest of Indie Authors. 🙂
      Of course…what would Christmas be without gifts…there will be plenty of those too.

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