Sharing some love…

This week, I received the Liebster Award from StrawberryIndigo’s Picture’s in Living Colour.

This is a gorgeous site dedicated to celebrating colours and sights all around us through the lens of StrawberryIndigo’s camera. If you have not come across her site yet, go check it out now and let your sights be lifted by the beautiful images. Thank you StrawberryIndigo 🙂

So I am passing on the award and sharing some love to the following bloggers…

Aditi Sarin’s Adobe Passions & Art Creations

I am going to copy her latest post to give you a taste of what you will find in this blog…

Art is anything that you create with a passion. No matter if your lines are not straight, if your circles look like eclipses or your portraits of human being look like an alien who just landed on the earth. As long as you see beauty in it, others find it interesting/absolute nonsense and/or as long as its been talked about, trust me you have created an art. Art needs no justification, let them judge if they want to…

You can read the post here.

MaryBeth Coudal’s The Connected Life

This is a woman who celebrates creativity and balances it with her family, her faith and life itself. I always enjoy MaryBeth’s posts because they are tinged with a simple honesty that strips away any pretenses. Check out her site and show her some love by following her blog.

Peter Weis

Peter Weis is a composer, a dabbler in short stories and prose, a reader and an observer of life. His posts are filled with thought and always leave me with a smile. He interjects all the posts with a great sense of humor and honesty that always have me coming back for more of a read. Check him out and let him inspire you.

Adam Bird

He is a husband, father and writer. He shares his posts, his photographs and his thoughts in a black and white blog. Adam does not hold back on anything he may be thinking at the time. His dry British humor infuses the blog with bursts of colour. Check him out. This blog will not disappoint.

Julie Jordan Scott’s Julie Unplugged

This lady will astound you with her focus on creativity and blending it into her daily world to create an artistic life. Her posts are filled with raw beauty and honesty. Check her site out. Be inspired to live an artistic life.

I met all 5 bloggers above through the WordPress PostaDay2011/PostaWeek2011 project… this is where you sign up to post every day or at least once a week on your WordPress blog. I am thrilled that by signing up to this challenge, not only did I set myself a blogging schedule but I met fellow bloggers from all walks of life and all corners of the world that have only added to my 2011. So thank you to each blogger but a special love and thanks to the five bloggers I have mentioned in this post.

6 thoughts on “Sharing some love…

  1. Awwww, shucks. Thank you. I do wonder why I’m such a compulsive blogger but this morning after reading this, I feel this year’s posting every day (nearly) has been worth it. I need to take stock and see if I can keep it up. I, too, have loved the challenge and have met awesome people — like you — and read awesome, inspiring posts — like this one. thanks for the shout-out.

  2. My lady you are so darn awesome (i repeat)! Even though i haven’t been super active on any of my blogs but i am so glad i joined the challenge. Was unable to fulfill the challenge but did make new friends. Big hug my friend! You are the best and thanks for the award 😀

  3. Hi Kim!

    I thank you for your kindness! The one thing that I’ve gotten from the whole #postaweek2011 challenge has been meeting fellow bloggers like yourself. Keep up your wonderful work and as I’ve mention elsewhere, if you can squeeze me into your suitcase for your trip next year – I’d like that very much 😉

    Adam x

    1. 😀 I need a bottomless suitcase Adam.
      It has been great to meet so many different people in the bloggosphere through #postaweek2011.
      Blogging definitely made the world more interesting with networking with people from all different walks of life.
      Gotta love the WordPress world.
      Oh…and you are most welcome Adam!

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