#Creepfest | Jessica McHugh and The Elves

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It’s the 19th….Seven days into the #Creepfest Blog Tour….Having fun yet? Chilled to the bone!! Winning some early Christmas gifts? Are you talking it up? Are you hopping along to all the spots on the tour (click on tree above)?

Today this seventh day in the Blog Hop…I have the pleasure of Jessica McHugh on the blog…Jessica is a fantasy author who spins some wickedly crooked flash fiction too….Have a look at her latest offering…

#Creepfest Author’s Flash Fiction Challenge

1.) Re-imagine Santa’s visit to drop off gifts by putting a #Creepfest spin on it.
Max words: 200

“This one is perfect. There are quite a few elves beneath this house,” Santa said as he landed his reindeer by the back door.
“Calling them ‘elves’ doesn’t make it any less creepy, you know,” Dasher snorted. “Maybe you should just stop being lazy and deliver the presents the old way, down the chimney.”
“If you don’t shut your snout, I’ll send you down the chimney.”
“Okay, forget the chimney. How about those elves?”
“I thought so.”
Santa twisted his mittens into the snow and the ground began to shake. Then, up through the ivory banks, a multitude of skeletal hands wriggled. Santa hooked bows on bones and placed presents on palms. When a beagle’s rotting skull popped out of the snow, Santa tossed the gift cards and Fido caught them with a yip.
“Be careful with those gifts,” Santa warned the decrepit “elves” as they pulled the presents underground. “Oh, and do mind your manners if there are any children around when you pop in. Especially you, Fido. If a kid catches a glimpse of you, it might put them off dogs forever. Gift cards too.”

[Note to bloghoppers-Aside: So just a reminder…Jessica’s’s Flash Fiction is the sixth entry into the Creepfest Challenge…Let me know what you think of it and check back here tomorrow for the sixth offering as you are going to help pick the winning Creepfest author at the end of the tour. Please let me know, in your comment below, how you rate this sixth story, in the challenge, by the wickedly, imaginative Jessica McHugh out of 5 stars (5 = Brilliant).]

2.) On Santa’s list this year, would you be naughty or nice? Tell me three ways yougot on to either the naughty or the nice list.

Except for all of the holiday flash horror in which I’ve killed Santa, I think I’ve been pretty nice this year. Or I just haven’t been especially naughty. I drank lots of champagne, but not excessively. I ignored an annoying co-worker instead of bitching about her. And I set aside my writing many times when my husband needed a good cuddle.

3.) Who is your favourite villain in a classic fairy-tale and why?
I do love the cannibalistic witch from the Hansel and Gretel story just because I find it incredibly clever to use a candy house as bait. However, you’d think someone that clever wouldn’t lean so far into the oven… Oh well, I imagine she had a good run.

4.) If you were a character in “The Christmas Carol”…who would you be and why?
I’d prefer to be “Fozziwig” from “The Muppet Christmas Carol” because I like to party hearty and I laugh at my own jokes.

5.) What gift would you leave under the tree if you were the Christmas Grinch?
A huge bottle of wine one must drink entirely to read the note at the bottom which says, “You’re working tomorrow. Merry Christmas.”


Jessica McHugh

Jessica McHugh is an author of speculative fiction that spans the genre from horror and alternate history to epic fantasy. A prolific writer, she has devoted herself to novels, short stories, poetry, and playwriting. She has had ten books published in three years, including “Rabbits in the Garden”, “The Sky: The World” and the first three installments in her “Tales of Dominhydor” series. More info on Jessica’s speculations and publications can be found at JessicaMcHughBooks.com.

Thanks for that sneak peak into your imaginative mind Jessica…I am not going to be able to look at elves in the same way again…what did I hear someone say they are made up? Wash your mouth out…as Jessica has just shown, even if you cannot see them, does not mean they don’t exist! Happy Creepfest and Merry Christmas Jessica! 🙂

The Reader Challenge

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So drumroll…Here is the question challenge.

Question: The Ghost of Creepmas (Creepfest’s Christmas) Past is making a house call and this week he is visiting your house. He takes you back through time to your worst Christmas Nightmare. (This can be real or imagined.) Tell me about it in 200 words (max).


I will choose a winner and a runner-up on the 24th. The winner will win an ebook copy of Tales for Canterbury + $10 Amazon voucherThe runner-up will win a $10 Amazon voucher.For more info on Tales for Canterbury (which includes my debut short story “The Ring of Fire), click below…

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