#Creepfest and in creeps a green elf bearing the name of winners … it may be you…

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It’s the 24th…the last night of Creepfest…the night before Christmas…

and in creeps a green elf…

She bears the names of 2 winners …

tales of Creepmas to spin was their task…

Their houses visited by the Ghost of Creepmas Past…

what horrors did he foretell, what terrors did he awaken…

The Ghost of Creepmas Past took you to the dark place of your Nightmares…

Tim C Ward

…this was his trip back in time courtesy of the Ghost of Creepmas Past…

He took me back to a time when my ears stuck out and my mom covered them with my shaggy hair. My brother and I had only one present that year, a long electronic train set. We shouted at the top of our joy when we entered the living room–me in my dino pjs and he in his ninja turtles. I pushed him aside; he hit his head on the corner of the couch and cried. I took a seat at the controls near the train station, flicked the switch, pressed the red button. Nothing happened.
My mom looked at me, hiding most of her face behind the hall. “I’m sorry. It doesn’t work.”
Tears burned as if they were lava trails burning my sorrow into permanent scars down my cheeks. The salty taste creeping over my lips drove nails through my heart. This was the worst Christmas ever.
The blood dripping down my brother’s nose and the shade of purple coloring his squinted face were too much to bear. I went to hug him but fell right through his form.
I looked up at the Ghost of Christmas. “Take me away. I’m going to be sick”


Ash Krafton

…this was her trip back in time courtesy of the Ghost of Creepmas Past…

 I could never sleep on Christmas Eve. I’d lie in bed, listening to my baby sister snoring, straining to hear what was going on down the hall.

Every noise would make me sit up. Was that a sleigh bell? Were those hooves tapping on the roof? The wearier I got, the more frequent the noises became.

A creek from the closet. Did Santa come out of the wrong side of the chimney and fall into my closet? Would he find my Barbies and decide I didn’t need any more toys? Would he find where I hid Sissy’s squeaky baby doll? I *hated* that thing and hid it so she wouldn’t annoy me with it. Baby toys were stupid but if Santa found it, he wouldn’t understand. He’d just bump me onto the naughty list.

The night wore on. I heard breathing outside my window. Was that a reindeer? Why did it growl? Did they eat children? Did they only eat the naughty ones?

Dawn came. I jumped out of the bed and ran to my mom’s room. “Merry Christmas!” I shrieked, relieved the ordeal was over.

“Back to bed,” mom mumbled. “Today’s not Christmas. It’s Christmas Eve.”

Congratulations to both Tim and Ash…I loved both flash pieces…

Happy Creepfest & Merry Christmas! 🙂

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