Matthew C Wood tells us what he saw #TheDayTheSunStoppedShining

Adventure or Terror...what awaits us beyond the sun...Click here to find out...

 We’re underground…

They are hunting up there…

I found another survivor…

He not only survived but came up with this 6 day plan to survive…

We call him leader but…

His name is Matthew C Wood…this is what he saw

The Day the Sun Stopped Shining…

Five days left...Will we survive...What are you willing to do to survive?

“They say instinctively you know something is wrong – deep, deep down inside – before you really see the bigger picture. The tip-off is usually small, like it being cold in the house when your thermostat is set to warm the place up an hour before you ever wake.

It would have been my tip-off – had we not decided to invest in extra blankets in order to save some money on our bills. Fact is, the recession hit us hard. We needed all the help we could get. Needless to say, it was normal to wake up to darkness and biting cold at 6:30 on a winter’s morning.

Leaning over to shut off the alarm clock was a bust. It was as silent and lifeless at the street outside.

Weird. No streetlights, no lights in the neighbour’s houses? What was this, some kind of holiday nobody told me about? Fumbling around for the TV remote took a few moments and only serve to make my heart race when it failed to turn on.

“Is there another damn power outage?” My wife groaned beside me, “Man…”

“Yeah,” I muttered, “That’s it. power outage.”

“No coffee – guess I’m stoppin’ at Timmy’s today.” Timmy’s was a popular Coffee shop in town. For my wife it was a place of last resort – she couldn’t start the day without a good, strong cup of Joe, “Got some change?”

With a grimace I waved at the dresser. Not like I left my wallet any place else.

Despite the logical explanation, something still didn’t sit right. Why wasn’t the Cell Phone ringing with friends and neighbours asking/moaning/whining about the outage?

A quick check of that device found it to be as lifeless as every other gadget I’d tried so far, making my blood turn to ice. That thing was only charged overnight – if it didn’t work then either this was the world’s longest power outage, or something was wrong.

“Honey…” I was so wrapped up in my thoughts, running every possibility from Solar Radiation to the EMP produced from a Nuclear Detonation in my head, that I’d failed to notice her leave the bed, “Honeeey…”

“Mmm?” Still wasn’t paying attention.

“Come see.”

“Yes dear – in a second.” Now what in the world could I do to test my theories? Maybe try something battery-powered. Just two nights ago I had been reading this really obscure article about a Solar Storm throwing us all back to the 19th Century – was that guy right?

“HONEY!” She snapped, “COME…HERE.”

“What?!” I replied in kind, unhappy with being interrupted like that.

That moment, when she failed to get angry at the fact I’d been short with her, was when my mind finally went into a full-blown panic. She always took offence to being barked at. It would take the end of the flipping world to change that.

As I fearfully got out of bed and looked out of the window, my heart beating so fast and hard I could hear it, that I got my first look at the end of everything.


If the world were ending my three things would be:

  1. Tell my wife and Kids how much I love them.
  2. Make an attempt to survive (if possible)
  3. Pray. A lot.
When Matthew is not hiding underground or fighting for survival…
You can find him here…
Follow Matthew on His Blog
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 As with all adventures there will be survival packs given out…in the form of giveaways by each author.

Don’t hold your breath…

Don’t stand still too long…

You never know what may come up behind you…

The safest way to survive this is to keep running to every author listed above and find out 

What Happens when the Sun stops Shining

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4 thoughts on “Matthew C Wood tells us what he saw #TheDayTheSunStoppedShining

  1. I like the three things you opt to do if the world were to end : )
    ” Tell my wife and Kids how much I love them.
    Make an attempt to survive (if possible)
    Pray. A lot. ”
    Pretty sweetly human!

  2. What a great blog. I loved Matthew’s recounting of what he saw. Scary. The only items I’d be worried about taking with me if the world was ending would be my cats and my sister along with whatever food and water I could carry. I’d head in my car to the area of the Georgia Guideposts which is supposed to be one that would survive a flooding appocolypse.

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