Keith Weaver tells us what he saw #TheDayTheSunStoppedShining

Adventure or Terror...what awaits us beyond the sun...Click here to find out...

We’re on the move now…

It has been dark for 2 days…

Nobody knows whether we will ever see light again…

On my run…

I found another survivor…

His name is Keith Weaver…this is what he saw

The Day the Sun stopped Shining

4 Days left...Will we survive whatever comes next?

“I get out of bed and creep out the bedroom to look through the bay window.  There is nothing, complete darkness; I can’t even see my yard.  There is no moon, it’s supposed to be daytime now yet the world is dark like an abyss.  The only thing I’m sure of are the noises coming from outside again.

I grab the poker by the fireplace, and decide to head outside.  The only comfort I have is the thought that certainly my neighbors are out there wondering what has happened as well.  Once outside, the noises seem to just stop; now I am fixated by the complete darkness and silence of a dead world.  I have to keep patting my own chest to make sure I am truly still there.

 Then I see it, a strange glow across the street.  I’m not sure at first what to do, but standing in complete darkness is too terrifying, so I decide to go investigate.  The closer I get to the glow, the more distorted it seems to become.  It’s almost as if my presence is irritating it in some way.

As I approach, the glow seems to take the shape of a woman.  I’m not sure who she is, but she appears to be sad.  The glowing woman turns to me and extends one hand, as if asking me to take it.  I’m in shock, what is this, a ghost?  Her eyes almost seem to plead with me for several moments, as if begging me to take her hand.  After thinking about it, I decide against this and take a step back.  The woman appears to let out a cry for help, then disappears and I’m back in total darkness…

…”It didn’t work, did it Doc?”

“No Mrs. Cooper, not this time either.  I promise you though, with our technology, your husband will come out of this coma eventually, we just need to keep trying.”

The Doc turned off the machine and slid his clawed hand back into his pocket and left the room.  Mrs. Cooper looked over her husband, he was still alive after over a year but dead to the world.  He slipped away when the alien invasion came, but she soon found out not all aliens were here to harm us.  Her only hope was that the price she had to pay for their help getting her husband back wasn’t too much?”

If the world really were ending, what three things would you do…

…if the world were ending without a doubt, here are the three things I would probably do.

  1. I would take a quick trip, probably somewhere unexpected like Paris (although flying out of the country in a time of chaos might not be possible).  If not, a road trip to Vegas.
  2. I would make amends and visit all my friends and family, see them one last time and let them know how I feel.
  3. I would ask my boys what they wanted more than anything in the world, and try to make that happen before.

When Keith is not on the run, he finds a safe haven here…

Follow his adventures on his blog

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 As with all adventures there will be survival packs given out…in the form of giveaways by each author.

Don’t hold your breath…

Don’t stand still too long…

You never know what may come up behind you…

The safest way to survive this is to keep running to every author listed above and find out 

What Happens when the Sun stops Shining

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