Alesha Escobar tells us what she saw #TheDayTheSunStoppedShining

Adventure or Terror…what awaits us beyond the sun…Click here to find out…
It has been 3 days in Darkness…
I have forgotten what light and shadow look like…
Still on the run…
Creatures chasing me…
I found another survivor…
Her name is Alesha Escobar…this is what she saw
The Day The Sun Stopped Shining

“The kids are up,” I mumble to my husband as I pull the blanket up to my shoulders. When he doesn’t respond, I lightly elbow him in the ribs.

“It’s still dark…” He defiantly wraps himself in the blanket and leaves me without cover. I hate when he does that, just like he probably hates when I end up taking most of the bed and he’s hanging off a corner.

I look at my cell phone to check the time; the faint glow lights up my face. What the hell…?

“Mommy!” Lizzie bursts through our bedroom door with her two little brothers in tow. “Mommy, there was a man at our window! Now he’s at the door downstairs.”

Are they playing one of their games again? Their bedroom window is on the friggin’ second story.

“Why is it still dark at 9 a.m.?” I elbow my husband again. “Wake up, something’s wrong.”

The kids run downstairs. “Let’s go open the door! He’s at the door!”

“Stop!” I jump out of bed and chase them downstairs. They knew good and well not to open the door, especially for strangers. I stop them right before their little hands can turn the knob.

The sun still didn’t come up, and all I can hear are strange voices in the air…non-human ones. I don’t want to freak out the kids, so I try to distract them and order them to park their butts on the couch pronto.

“Where are my pants?” My husband lumbers downstairs in his t-shirt and boxers.


The front door jolts like someone hit it with a battering ram, and my heart nearly stops. The kids start screaming and crying. What was going on?

“Mom,” Lizzie whispers.

“Yeah?” I gather her and her brothers into my arms. A hard, cold lump sits in my stomach and I almost double over in pain.

“The man that was at the door…”

“He’s gone.”

She shakes her head. “He says he’s upstairs in your bedroom. He says it’s our time to go.”


The three things I’d do if the world were ending:

  1. Pray
  2. Try to protect my family
  3. Gather all my courage for whatever awaits!

Find Alesha L. Escobar here…
Author, The Tower’s Alchemist (The Gray Tower Trilogy #1)

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 As with all adventures there will be survival packs given out…in the form of giveaways by each author.

Don’t hold your breath…

Don’t stand still too long…

You never know what may come up behind you…

The safest way to survive this is to keep running to every author listed above and find out 

What Happens when the Sun stops Shining

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One thought on “Alesha Escobar tells us what she saw #TheDayTheSunStoppedShining

  1. Thanks so much, Kim! This was fun (and creepy) 🙂 I figure as long as I’m not running around in circles screaming then I should at least accomplish a few things.

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