On Pause…To breathe…See you in February

It has been a whirring December on Wrestling the Muse…


I am going to pause the music for a moment…

I am going to take a moment to refresh…

January is going to be about taking a moment to

So I am going to detox from the internet and blogging…

I am taking a month off…

I am 

On Pause

To Breathe

~ See you in February ~

7 thoughts on “On Pause…To breathe…See you in February

  1. I think this is quite possibly one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve heard. I’m glad you have this chance to unplug and recharge — you will be missed, but good on you for doing what you need to do!


    1. Thanks Eden 🙂 Funny….I scheduled the post now to be posted on 01.01 and it emailed my subscribers already 🙂 Looking forward to an internet detox…I am going to tuck into reading and work on my new WIP…Hope you have a SUPER January! x

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