Back from the Wilds… with an Award

Image courtesy of puilee
Image courtesy of puilee

I am back from the Wilds of life with no blogging for a month. After blogging almost every day in December it felt very strange to go a month and a bit without blogging. But the rest was well needed. Life outside the world wide web was very busy with a house move, buying new battery for the Macbook and various other family emergencies, chores and errands. It has indeed been a busy start to 2012. But I am back. Well rested, ready, willing and able to get back to the business of blogging. This month I am going to give you more of a glimpse into my WIP with teasers of my cover, interview with my Amazing cover artist and background into the back story and inspiration of this trilogy. As I was without a computer due to my Macbook battery giving up its ghost, I got a lot of reading done so I will be sharing and linking to the reviews as well as featuring some exciting debut books coming out by my talented bevy of writing pals. So I am truly back in the business of online communication! Hello 2012 and Hello February.

But first…I am come back holding aloft my two-time nomination and win for The Versatile Blogger Award. My good friend and cp, Melissa Pearl nominated this blog and this blogger for The Versatile Blogger award a couple of weeks ago. I love receiving awards – who doesn’t? But I love it even more when the award comes from another writer I adore and respect. Which is the case in the case of Melissa Pearl – YA author and time travel specialist. Thank you Mel! 🙂

So I am supposed to list five things you didn’t know about me…Mmmh scratching head commences.

1) Everyone who knows me knows I am a confirmed gypsy at heart and love nothing more than a new stamp in my passport or at the very least the open road and a new road trip to Destination Anywhere….but what you maybe didn’t know is that I always travel alone. There are three main reasons why I travel alone.

i.) I am very independent and impulsive and all my trips whether just down the road or overseas are spur-of-the-moment whims. This tends to leave nobody else anytime to prepare to go with me. But then those that love me know that I am a free spirit when it comes to travel. Plans are just so mundane. Much better and more exciting to just up-and-go when the desire hits.

ii) I am a very independent and adventurous traveller. Again you would think this would make me a fun traveling companion and people would be queuing to sign up to travel with me. Think again. When I say adventurous, I mean adventurous. I don’t stick to a plan, I never go to the “tourist spots” and I love nothing more than hitting the unknown spots, leaving urban areas behind me and going out and exploring.

iii) The last reason why I am a solo traveller is probably the one I shouldn’t state here as it will definitely ensure my solo-travelling days. But in the interests of full disclosure…The third and final reason why I am a solo traveller is for the safety of any would be companions. You see, natural disasters tend to haunt all of my travels. I am not kidding here. Earthquake, cyclone, snowstorm, flood, 3 day hailstorm in a desert that usually only sees a couple of days of rain a year…these are just a few of actual natural disasters that have occurred when I decide on a whim to travel somewhere. So if you are a daredevil thrill-seeker, you may want to sign up to be my traveling companion. If you are an armchair traveller who loves nothing more than a relaxing holiday at the beach with a good book in hand – don’t pick me as your travel companion.

2) My favourite desert is cut up banana in custard. Oh I love chocolate cake, cheesecake, and other such scrumptiousness but my tried and true guilt-free pleasure is and will always be banana in custard. Guilt-free? Yes guilt-free because it is a healthy dessert. No, I swear it is. Think of it. Banana + Custard = Fruit + Dairy . So tell me how that is not healthy for you. Got you there. If you have not tried this dessert nor heard of this dessert, do yourself a favour and try it. You will not regret it. Mmmh think I am going to dish up a bowlful for myself after this blog is done.

3) My two guilty pleasure programs on television: All things Kardashian and Vampire Diaries. Yes I can see all the tsks tsks and head-shaking. But I don’t care. The Kardashian family is a family you can’t help but watch whether you want to or not. As for The Vampire Diaries…..I love the storyline, love the characters, love the back story and before you wonder whether I am Team Damian or Team Stefan I will tell you that I am both. Although to be fair in the current season I am little more slanted towards Team Damian. Who does not love a delicious bad boy vampire?

4) I am addicted to my collection of Archie comics….Not heard of them? I am shocked! Really shocked. I am talking about Archie, Bettie, Veronica, Reggie and Jughead and their adventures in the town of Riverdale. I still have 2 suitcases of these comics and digests and reread them any chance I get. They usually live in my bathroom so that I can take them out and read them while soaking in the tub. In fact I love a lot of comics or should I use the more pc term of Graphic Novels. They bring out the kid in me.

5) I am Carrie from Sex and the City when it comes to writing, dating and friends. Writing – like hers – is a passion of mine and many a time I have toyed with writing about the escapades of my dating life. As for dating, while that is an entirely other story but suffice to say I have had the disastrous dates with internet dates, millionaires, bad boys, weird guys. I have also had my Mr Big and my Aidan. But all of the dating and relationship woes and dramas have led me to rely on my friendships. Like Carrie I have AMAZING friends. They can be called upon in all times and like Carrie I have come to the conclusion that: “Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with.”

So ta-da there you have it…five things you may not have known about me.

Now to award fellow bloggers I find worthy of The Versatile Blogger Award…Drum roll please musicians…

Annetta Ribken’s Word Webbing

This lady is snarky, straight-talking, no BS, hilarious and as if that is not enough a very talented freelance editor and writer. Quite simply it is my diagnosis that you have to take a spoonful of Annetta’s word spinning on her blog at least once a week for good health and good humor.

Jessica McHugh’s No Vacation from Speculation

Those who know and love her simply call her The McHugh. She is a talented writer, poet, lover of speculative fiction and horror. She also has a wicked sense of humor and a wicked sense of the macabre. I love her because her blog never fails to entertain me. You will love her for the same reasons.

Eden Baylee’s Exciting, Exotic, Extremely Erotic

Eden is one of the kindest and most generous erotic writers you will ever meet. She is a very talented erotica author and a tireless blogger and social networker. Everyone that knows her loves her. What’s not to love? Like she says: Exciting, Exotic and Extremely Erotic. Follow her. Now.

Al Boudreau

This writer is a tireless Indie author promoter as well as a top thriller author as well. He is also my good friend and one of my favourite men in the writing world. His blog is a smart and intelligent take on the life of an indie author. You will want to read this Charming Gentleman’s blog immediately. Go now.

Paul D. Dail’s “A Horror Writer’s not necessarily Horrific Blog”

I got to know Paul through two blog hops we took part in 2011. The CoffinHop and Creepfest. Since then I have become not only friends with Paul but also a fan of both his blog and his writing. I enjoy each of his posts and love his style of writing. Follow his blog. You will not be sorry.

So there you have it folks….my first blogging back from the wilds….award in hand and passing it on to these five worthy bloggers, authors and friends. Follow them. That is my prognosis for a healthy day.

Watch this space tomorrow for the featured and much awaited interview with my AMAZING cover artist. I would love to keep her all to myself but she is just too amazing and talented a cover artist to not share with the world. And I am in a generous mood so tomorrow I will share her with you. So come back tomorrow for the featured interview. You will not want to miss that post.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

11 thoughts on “Back from the Wilds… with an Award

  1. Wow! This is awesome! Thanks, Kim…I am really honored. And in such stellar company:)

    I sure understand about taking time off, and I’m glad it was recharging for you. But I’m really glad you’re back!

    Thanks again xoxoxo

    1. Hey Netta 🙂 Yes the time off from blogging was great for re-charging the batteries. But glad to back from the wilds and back in the bloggosphere.
      So thrilled to be able to award you and your blog. I love all your posts.

  2. Hi girl,
    I wondered why my email list was shorter…. you hadn’t been a posting…lol. Nice to hear your back. Your facts are interesting….mmm hubby and I love traveling and today went to a travel show and picked up some brochures…. looks like Sth America next. Heard the volcano is still smoking…. so keep your distance aye!….lol.
    Congrats on the award.

    1. Hi 🙂 Happy to be back in your email inbox 🙂
      Ahhh South America…definitely on my list of must-see places…Will make sure we sync our calendars and make sure I am not in the same vicinity 😉

  3. So good to see you back. And you’ve inspired me to take my own month off one of these days. Of course, I can’t rightly do that just yet after your kind words about my blog 🙂

    Much thanks for the acknowledgment. However, I was actually already given this award by Blaze McRob a couple months back.

    But I love your five facts. Funny how these things morph. When I heard about it, it was supposed to be 7 facts about me. You have kind of incorporated this into your travel facts (which have served to confirm that we won’t be traveling together anytime soon, disaster girl). And a couple surprises that I wouldn’t have guessed.

    If you want to read my 7 facts, they at this link:

    Thanks again for the nod, and again, glad to see you back.

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

    1. It is GOOD to be back Paul 🙂 Although I do highly recommend a month off – it does wonders for refreshing the old grey cell matter and making it shine with a white light 😉
      Ah…isn’t it good to be acknowledged and nominated twice. This was also my second nomination so it was just another chance to nominate more awesome bloggers and direct my readers to blogs like your own.
      Yes I had already done the 7 facts so I thought I would go for 5 this time. Ah – so you are not a thrill seeking daredevil and don’t want to travel with me 😦 Don’t worry, I will not take offense. Although I can guarantee that you would never be bored with me as a traveling companion 🙂
      I will definitely take a gander at your 7 facts. One learns the most interesting things in these random facts posts.
      Thank you for the welcome back. Feel good to be back and it seems some even missed me. Always lovely to be missed.

      1. Definitely missed. I actually checked back pretty early on this month to see if you had another post up (my inbox gets pretty flooded and I often miss my friends’ posts). Was wondering if you decided to take another month.

        I think for me, much as I love doing the blog, I just started thinking about how much time (in my already restricted schedule) goes towards it at a time when I really need to be making more of a push in my creative endeavors.

        Hope to be able to make it to #storycraft tonight.

        Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

    1. Well that is it….we are definitely friends for life. You have to love another “Carrie”! Thank you for the welcome back…I joke that I was in The Wilds but life without blogging felt a bit primitive 🙂
      My great pleasure in awarding you – a very well deserved award for your wonderful blog. I am only too happy to be able to point all my readers to your amazing blog.
      MWAH back atcha babe.

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