#Coffin Hop…The Haunted Voodoo & The Haunting Magic Cocktails

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Day 2 of The Haunted & The Hauntings takes us to a place of Voodoo and Magic. This city is famous in the Horror and Paranormal Circles. It has inspired legends, myths, tales that terrify and movies that horrify. It has also been a favourite obsession of mine and has inspired my new WIP – The Tattooist Trilogy.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

File:StChasJan07HouseB2.jpg by en:User:Infrogmation
File:LoyolaStreetcarMch08.jpg by en:User:Infrogmation
File:New_Orleans_Skyline_from_Uptown.jpg by en:User:VerruckteDan
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File:New-orleans10.jpg by de:User:Falkue

This city has been called the Most Haunted City in the USA. It has also been called “The Crescent City”, “The Big Easy” and “The City that Care Forgot” I first became familiar with this city through, what else but my favourite medium, books: specifically The Vampire Chronicles of Anne Rice. I could not get enough of this series and could not get enough of this strange haunting city. This city is one of the main settings in my NEXT BIG WIP – The Tattooist Trilogy. I am also planning on a 2013 trip – it falls under research – to this city of Hauntings, Voodoo & Vamps. In my thirst for knowledge + WIP research I explored the earliest times of this notorious city.

Perhaps the earliest legend that has fueled the Hauntings in this city is that the vast swamp that was New Orleans was once a sacred Indian burial ground. In 1718 King Louis XV founded the city of New Orleans, named after the city of Orleans lying on the banks of the Loire River in France, in the hope and belief that it would be a profitable trading station for the French because of its appealing location on the Mississippi River. Once people started trickling in to live here though;  murderers, thieves, rapists, common criminals and laborers were the first inhabitants. I assumed they came here and set up camp to escape their various crimes and the punishment they were sure to face on apprehension. In these early days of New Orleans, it was only the desperate and the damned who would choose to make their home here: They called it The French Quarter in 1721. It was a topography that perfectly mirrored the depraved, the desperate and the damned who settled here with natural harsh elements like quick sand, alligators, venomous snakes, mosquitoes and rampant disease. For the next hundred years the murder rate in this new city was high and along with numerous major fires, hurricanes, wars and the dreaded yellow fever epidemic this city became  a place of death, decay and destruction.

Description: Tomb of Marie Laveau (The 1830s notorious Voodoo Queen)
Source: New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum
Date: 8/10/08
Author: Charles M. Gandolfo
Permission: Jerry Gandolfo

During this first 100 year period of New Orleans, the Haitian slave revolt (1791 – 1804) happened in Haiti. To escape the massacre the refugee plantation owners, bringing with them their slaves, escaped Haiti to make their way across the ocean to a new home and refuge in New Orleans. For the first time New Orleans heard the sacrificial drums of Voodoo. Voodoo had come to New Orleans. Voodoo is a strange mix of various African – originating in Benin and Nigeria – magic, belief and rites mixed with Catholic elements. Voodoo brought with it snake magic, seers, ritual animal sacrifice, fortune-telling, black magic, bonfires and orgies and notorious Voodoo Queens: the most famous Voodoo Queen would have to be Marie Laveau. Both a practicing Catholic and a Voodoo Queen; she acted as an Oracle, conducted private rituals, performed exorcisms and offered sacrifices to spirits. To this day people still come to her tomb to offer up favors and offerings. Her grave is the one of the most visited graves in the world. There are still sightings of this Voodoo Queen in modern-day New Orleans.

It is no wonder that this city with its notorious history, its birthplace founded on a purported sacred Indian burial ground and its mix of the depraved, the damned and the illicit combined with the black magic of Voodoo Queens has spurred the title of the Most Haunted city in the USA. It is a place layered in history, in magic and ancient sacred rites. It is a place where the veils between ritualistic beliefs, fears are thin. It is indeed a place where spirits watch you from veiled shadows.

Another thing that this city is famous for is Cocktails, decadence and illicit deliciousness…It is not known as “The Big Easy” and the home of “The Mardi Gras” for nothing. So for a treat today I have included some New Orleans cocktails and some Halloween inspired cocktails for your enjoyment.

New Orleans Classic Cocktails

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What is the use of posting cocktails unless you try them for yourself?

Come back and tell me which was your favourite flavour!

The Hurricane

Source: seriouseats.com via Kim on Pinterest

The Sazerac

Source: seriouseats.com via Kim on Pinterest

The Bywater Cocktail

Source: seriouseats.com via Kim on Pinterest

Some Halloween Decadence…
Ashes to Ashes
Paranormal Activity or Licorice Trick
Smoking “Colour-changing” Martini
Vampire Kiss Martini
What’s your favourite decadent cocktail?
What’s your favourite New Orleans Haunted Legend?
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26 thoughts on “#Coffin Hop…The Haunted Voodoo & The Haunting Magic Cocktails

  1. Hi, Kim. Man! Did I pick the wrong time of day to read this post or what? Here it is 9am. I’m drinking coffee with French Vanilla creamer. Yet, all I want now is one of the cocktails that you just teased me with. 😉
    Thanks for the “trip” to New Orleans. My wife and I would very much like to visit. Perhaps we will.
    Happy Hopping!


    1. 😄 Jimmy, at least you have the “French” part down. Well, you will just have to taste these tempting glasses of decadence in your evening then.
      Yes, you should go to New Orleans. I can’t wait to go!
      Thanks for hopping over! 😜🍸👌

    1. 😄 Oops – well it was the middle of the night here when you commented Red…
      You’ll have to have one especially for your birthday, make it 3: 1 for you, 1 for me as I toast you in spirit and 1 for luck. Sounds good?! 👌🍸😜

    1. Woohoo so I – and New Orleans – have talked you into Martinis 👌
      Gotta love a creatively delicious and decidedly decadent Martini! 🍸
      Pop back tomorrow for some more delicious decadence! 😉

    1. Hey Georgina
      Gotta love a city with such a decadent cocktail reputation … The fact that it is a city that inspires so much dark fiction is just the cherry on top. 😜
      I’ll meet you one day in New Orleans for 🍸

    1. Dan, if you click on the images they will take you to my Pinterest page and from there you click to take you to the recipe. I would not put up these enticing images unless I wanted you to try the cocktails yourself. 🙂
      Enjoy! Let me know which is your fav cocktail!

    1. Pop back here tomorrow Simon to find out what other delicious recipes of debauchery & decadence ala “ze Magic Cocktails” I have locked away in the cellar. 😜

    1. Every dark fiction enthusiast should have Absinthe in the cellar 😉
      We should meet there in New Orleans next year to partake in decadence and deliciousness…

    1. Yes Johanna that would be my favourite! Pop back tomorrow to see what other decadent delicious deviant cocktail recipes I have in ze cellar.

  2. That smokin colour-changing martini is an addiction. I want to swim and bake in it.

    Love the photos for this city. The old style buildings and setting easily help set the mood for your genre. 😀

    Great photos here in both fronts. It seems they also have the alcamahol to have a super party.

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