The Divine Orchestra | #FWF

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Free Write Friday | Prompt

It was a dark and stormy night…fwf-darkandstormynight

Steam rises from the barren ground
Liquid sand boils in an earthen cauldron
Molten fire swims in a deep river
The air above the toiling caldron stills
Not a bird calls nor do creatures stir,

The waxen earth beats to an ancient drummer’s heartbeat
Nature’s choir hums a song of still serenity
The winds breathe and tremble a Beethoven sonata,

Air that stirs with a thundering Bassoon
Clouds gather and clash with clanging cymbals
Curtains drape the air in folds of darkness
The stage is luminous in a ballet of ethereal light
Ushered in a staccato of falling liquid notes

*Reposted for #FWF*

10 thoughts on “The Divine Orchestra | #FWF

    1. My pleasure Terry 🙂 Happy to meet a new community of poets. We have to stick together.

  1. I was completely captivated and intoxicated by your words. It’s rare that I am left speechless, but you did it. I’m in awe…and I’m a fan! Hope to have you join us again soon for another fwf. Thanks for writing!

    1. Thanks Kellie 🙂 That is high praise indeed. Will definitely be joining you again for another fwf – count on my being a regular. 😉

  2. wow. The words that you chose here, amazing. I just loved this piece. These words themselves are like an orchestra and you’re the maestro putting them together.

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