Calling all Poets with a Dark Side

Attention: Poets with a Dark Side

I am starting a website community of Poets with a dark side.


Turning dark cracks & broken fragments into golden seams of poetry ~ A Society of Poets who can turn the dark edges, the cracked pieces and the broken fragments of their experience into the golden seams of poetry.
The poets I am looking for write their poetry with a dark slant, twist. The poetry can be metaphysically/literally/figuratively/emotionally dark. It can be themed to a genre – ie paranormal/horror/suspense or it can be personal struggles/pain.
This will be a community of shared poetry and eventually I would like to publish some poetry anthologies of the poetry shared.
I am recruiting members here.
If you are interested, please let me know in the comments on this post.
Expansion by Paige Bradley
Expansion by Paige Bradley
Sign up here...
Sign up here…

35 thoughts on “Calling all Poets with a Dark Side

    1. Hi Shah,

      I’d love for you to be part of Kintsugi Poets. Fill in the comment form “Dark Poets Society Join” under the Kintsugi Poets menu on this site and I will get back to you ASAP.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  1. Hello there, I’m extremely interested in this. To say I have a dark side would be an understatement. I sent request to join the Facebook group, but I thought I’d write something up here as well to give you a taste of my style.

    -Shadow of my Heart-

    In love, or simply obsessed,
    Every sin is confessed.
    But only to an empty shell,
    Could not escape my hell.
    Beautiful, pale, still breasts,
    No more tears, no more jests.
    Unknown by her, forever to remain,
    Surviving that truth, bearing this pain.
    I’ll always find another love to tear apart,
    Another soul to snare, in the shadow of my heart…


  2. A walk into Night by richard lynn livesay

    Daunting pain that clouds my mind to gray
    Cuts short the breath of life I strain to bear
    As all seems not the all that was before
    And life seems less as I compare this snare
    So cries my soul to see the other side

    I pass a piece of purgatory in time
    Revealing facets left behind, entwined
    Seeking to rid these retched reigns
    Take another critic’s pill ‘til none remains
    And cries my soul to see the other side

    As darkness is the other side of light
    I take another walk into the night
    Only to gasp another breath’s reply
    Within the void I lay down to die
    Yet cries my soul to see the other side

  3. I would love to take part in sinister poetry writing; the kind that makes your toes curl, blood curdle, and forces you to take cover beneath your bed, covering your eyes, perking your ears till you… “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!” can no longer just… Breathe.

  4. I’d be happy to send you some dark poetry, as long as you don’t mind if I’ve used it in books I’ve already self-published… (I own the rights to them so that’s no issue)

  5. I am not sure that my abilities are close to being publishable, and my dark side sometimes is probably not dark enough, but If you need someone to snicker at I would like to be that person.

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