#Coffinhop – The Graveyard is Open, Come in if you dare…


Dust Devils dance a macabre dervish

Tumbleweed twists in torment

Ghosts of the Disappeared stalk the streets of Death

Screams of silence fill the graveyard of the Abandoned

Gates creak open with unearthly screams

Come down to the Graveyard

Coffins spill their bone chilling secrets

~ The Abandoned and the Disappeared ~

Welcome to Coffin Hop 2013


This year I am hosting

a CoffinHop Contest of

Terror, Tricks & Treats

in the Ghost Towns


The Abandoned & The Disappeared

My task ~ Each day I will be posting images and known histories

of infamous ghost towns

Your task ~ Tell me a terrible tale of what happened to

turn these ghost towns into empty and deserted graveyards


The Abandoned & The Disappeared

Your entry can be in the form of a tale told, flash fiction or a poem.

Enter your submission into the comments of the daily CoffinHop “The Abandoned & The Disappeared” posts here on this site for your entry to be counted.

The Contest is from 24th – 31st October.

Contest Winners will be judged by me on creativity & horror.

You are playing for

The Prizes

The One Ultimate Winner will receive

1 * Copy of Death by Drive-In (The CoffinHop Anthology)



1 x Mystery “Terror Trick or Treat” Prize

Return later today for the first Ghost Town…

Take the 13th floor to Coffin Hop 2013

Get those coffinhoppin’ boots on,

Dance a dervish in the boneyard…

Grab yourself a copy of Death by Drive-In

COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN is a collection of some of the best and brightest of the Coffin Hop crew, with 21 amazing B-movie inspired stories from some of the best Indie authors around





CoffinHop Store is open – Grab your coffinhop swag

100% of All Proceeds of the Anthology sales + CoffinHop Swag go to LitWorld.org, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supporting child literacy and social improvement the world over.

Help COFFINHOP support Child Literacy and BUY a Copy and Grab some Swag.

Unhinge the coffins to reveal terrors, tricks & treats

CoffinHop 2013 begins today

24th – 31st October

These are the coffinhoppers…

Open their coffins by clicking on each link below

for more terror, horror and

coffinhopping contests and prizes galore.


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