#CoffinHop Day 7|The Abandoned & The Disappeared.Tell me what happened to these ghost towns…


Dust Devils dance a macabre dervish

Tumbleweed twists in torment

Ghosts of the Disappeared stalk the streets of Death

Screams of silence fill the graveyard of the Abandoned

Gates creak open with unearthly screams

Come down to the Graveyard

Coffins spill their bone chilling secrets

~ The Abandoned and the Disappeared ~

Tell me what happened to these Ghost Towns…

Twist a tale of terror,

Send shivers of horror down my spine with a story,

Flay the flesh from my skin as you open my veins and bleed me out with our poetry…


Submit your daily entry (1 per person per day) in the comments.

Submit either a Flash Fiction Piece/Prose


Short Story




There can be only 1 ultimate winner for this contest.

You will win


1 * Ebook – Death by Drivein (CoffinHop Anthology)

1 * Mystery Trick or Treat

Contest runs 24th – 31st October 2013

Winner to be announced – 5th November 2013


San Zhi, Taiwan

Dragons & Dystopian Spirits

Image courtesy of oddee.com
Image courtesy of oddee.com

Built in the late 1970s as a luxury resort for American soldiers based there, it was abandoned before opening. People kept dying in the dystopian futuristic resort, not only in the resort but traveling to the resort.

Image courtesy of oddee.com
Image courtesy of oddee.com

The history of the town starts centuries ago in 1661 when the Dutch East India Company occupied the country and settled in this area calling it Fort Zeelandia. The Dutch charged every person a “head tax” – literally paying taxes for the “right” to be alive – this led to a huge siege between the locals and the occupiers and the eventual massacre of hundreds of Dutch troops and their families.

Image courtesy of travelcreepster.com
Image courtesy of travelcreepster.com

When in the 1970s building was started on this new futuristic resort, the Chinese decided to clear the area by erecting a giant statue of a dragon. They believed this would bring luck to the building and protect the resort from any ills. Unfortunately this dragon ended up being very unlucky when the construction crew broke it in half: in Chinese lore, this is equivalent to breaking 1000 mirrors.

From the start, this breaking of the Luck Dragon was only the first disaster of many. From car crashes to seeming “innocent” construction accidents, people kept on dying here. To this day there has been no accounting for how many people have actually died there due to the top secrecy of the Taiwanese government. In fact any discussion of this abandoned, disaster-prone resort is strongly discouraged today.

Tell me what happened to this ghost town…



Dig up those coffin-hopping boots,

dance down to the graveyard for more

bone-chilling CoffinHop tricks & treats.



3 thoughts on “#CoffinHop Day 7|The Abandoned & The Disappeared.Tell me what happened to these ghost towns…

  1. Nightmares haunt my dreams. I wake. It’s dark – that dark in the middle of the night when terrors walk the Earth. I’m being fanciful. The phone rings. I hear breathing. He doesn’t speak. I hang up, shaking. A loud noise. I don’t go check the doors and windows downstairs. I am lost in my own horror movie.

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