Taking a New Road

I interrupt your day with some news. Although I have been quiet online I have been very busy doing that thing writers are supposed to do…writing.

I have a double dose of news to share with you all.

My two novella series, Redgates Secrets and Firebird’s Requiem will not be self-published this year. This is not to say that these stories won’t be released at all but they won’t be self-published.


I am now represented by an agent. I am currently in talks regarding The Tattooist and at her request I have decided to focus on this project.

It is wonderful to have someone share in my excitement about The Tattooist.
It is no hardship to focus on this story. This story has been burning away in me and demands my full attention. You know when your dreams are filled with scenes from a story that your subconscious is trying to brainwash you – this is the point when all other stories fade into the background. The Tattooist is calling out to me and I am answering the call. Now is the time to polish off this manuscript and to hunt for a home for it.


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