#CoffinHop | Winning Rides at the #CoffinHop Carnival

The Carnival has closed its gates for another year.


The souls have been tallied and the price has been paid.
This year, the carnival had a bumper attendance and the wheel of fortune has spun.


The Winning entrant who is allowed to leave with her soul intact is…


Nina d’Arcangela otherwise known as The Dark Angel.

If Nina’s worst fear was a carnival ride, it would be called…

Nina’s Carnival Ride: The Slip and Died
It would be a massive slime coated slide with hands groping you as you sluiced downward in a spiral in the dark. And it would dump you in Willy Wonka’s Candy room, but the room would be decayed. The mushrooms moldy; the tea cups cracked; the chocolate waterfall a clogged dribble; and the previously churning stream a pool of stagnant filth where mosquitoes breed.

Doesn’t that ride sound deliciously horrifying!
Congratulations Nina. You are the winner of the Amazon Gift card.
Check your inbox.


Thank you everyone for daring to enter through the gates into this #CoffinHop Carnival. Your pounds of flesh are much appreciated.

A special thank you to our Terrificfying CoffinHop master and overlord:
Axel Howerton for another successful #CoffinHop. Roll on 2015 for the next one.

Images used in this Post

1. Abandoned Teddy Bear at Carnival – User: EEP on Pinterest

2. Ferris Wheel – Brennan Maxwell (commonrider02)

3. Enjoy Your Day Sign – Jason Knight (lostlosangeles)

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