#Droptask : How I Get Things Done: Fav Digital Tools #GTD #Productivity

How do you “Get Things Done”?

I am allergic to lists but love organisation. I am one of those people who cannot write if my desk or surroundings are cluttered.

For the longest time I have been looking for a project planner that has nothing to do with lists. This month I finally found it: 

 Productivity Tool #1.

What is it?
Droptask is the visual project/task manager for the person who is allergic to list-making. I am a very visual person. I have always written down notes in a mind-map as opposed to paragraphs of text. I like shapes and colours.
Droptask fulfills all of these wants for me.




Above is a trilogy of screenshots about my current WIP.
Droptask comes as a basic free app or the advanced pro option. Although the free option is perfectly suited to project management, I have opted for the pro option for its advanced features.

The best two features about the pro option is the ability to create unlimited sub tasks and task dependencies. For me a project, in this case a manuscript, is not just one whole concept but a whole sum of smaller parts. This is where the ability to have unlimited subtasks and task dependencies comes in.

Droptask broken down

Main project: The Tattooist

Group: Complete Rewrite

Tasks: 95k Rewrite*
Tasks: Broken down in 5k increments (5k – 95k)**

Task Dependencies: 10k needs to be completed before 15k can be done, 15k needs to be completed before 20k can be done.

*95k Run through final edit
**2.5k per day

Other groups related to same project:
@Home / @Office / @Computer / @Errands / @WaitingFor / @Email / @Calls / @Submissions
Research / Fact-Check / Editing










 When you date a task, Droptask emails you the current deadline (today) + the next deadline (tomorrow) plus the final deadline date. A great little prompt every morning to get me focused on what needs to be done.




Attachments (Picture/Audio/Video)


Extra added bonus

Team Collaboration 

You can have more than one person working on a project.
Droptask (basic subscription): You can have one extra person per project (limit of 5 projects).
Droptask (pro option) you can have unlimited extra people per unlimited projects.

So in this way I have one screen for everything related to my current WIP. 

Droptask is THE project manager for the person who hates lists but loves getting things done. 

What is your favourite task manager?
How do you tick off tasks? Pen and paper? Lists? Apps?

4 thoughts on “#Droptask : How I Get Things Done: Fav Digital Tools #GTD #Productivity

  1. Reblogged this on Archer's Aim and commented:
    Here’s an interesting tool that I’m investigating. Thanks to Kim Koning for sharing this post about Droptask and her productivity.

  2. Ah! Now subtasks and dependencies would make a HUGE difference to how I experienced it. I love the way Droptask looks but I really need to be able to tick of the larger task when it is complete but the free version only allows you to create a “group” which is not a task itself and so cannot be marked complete.
    Your screenshots look very much like my free dashboard- is “Tattoist re-write” a task which can be marked ‘in progress’, ‘complete’ etc. or is that a group?

    1. Tattooist Rewrite is technically a Group but I use it as a task.
      Then my tasks (I use them as sub-tasks) which I have broken down into 5k breakdowns of the final word count, can be marked not started/in progress/completed/on hold.
      The great thing, even with the free basic version, is that you can customise your droptask how you want to use it. So for the free version: you use a main group as one of your tasks, and then you use the tasks as your sub-tasks.

      1. I’ve realized that I had the pro for the trial so I had attempted with the full affair. I know one can decide to think of a group as a task, but the group (which is what the original task becomes the moment you add a subtask) does not function as a task – you cannot give it priority or mark it’s status, so it won’t work for me 😦 Darn it I thought I’d found a way to make it work for me.
        Glad it works for you, though! Happy organizing!

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