Favourite Things #Snapshot #Hobonichi #2016

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I am definitely a #PlanItOnPaper gal. I love my tech but for actually planning tasks and then ticking off/crossing off tasks done, nothing beats a paper planner for me. I also prefer a bound lay-flat planner rather than a ringed planner. Last year was my introduction to the Hobonichi – a Japanese bound planner system (available in 3 sizes) with Tomoe River Paper (Very high quality fountain pen friendly paper) – and for my first year using Hobonichi, I bought the Hobonichi Cousin (A5). I loved the Hobonichi Cousin so much that I knew that I wanted to get all 3 sizes this year. I love compartmentalising my planning. I like having an everything hold-all planner – both personal and professional – which I prefer in an A5 size. But I knew I wanted separate, smaller planners for both my personal life and a dedicated planner/logbook for my writing.



This year I decided to get all three sizes:

  1. Hobonichi Cousin [A5]*
  2. Hobonichi Weeks [Wallet Size]**
  3. Hobonichi English Planner [A6]***

Hobonichi 101 Uses #2016

Hobonichi Cousin* {Hold-All Catch-All Planner}

  • Main Planner 

Hobonichi Weeks** {Personal Planner}

  • On-the-go Personal planning 
  • Weekly Tasks/Appointments
  • Health+Fitness Planner
  • Bullet Journal Forward Planning/Tracker – Events/Goals/Savings 

Hobonichi English Planner*** {Writing Planner/Logbook}

  • Writer’s Daily Logbook
  • WIP Tracking 
  • Writing-related Planning

Are you a #PlanItOnPaper or #PlanItDigitally Planner?

Tell me what planners you use.

For more of my #FavouriteThings 

In-depth look at the Hobonichi Cousin ~ Hobonichi Zen

All Links Hobonichi

Hobonichi 1101

Hobonichi English Planner (Techo) [A6]

  • Yearly Calendar
  • Yearly Planner
  • Monthly Planner
  • Daily Planner

Hobonichi Weeks Softcover Black/White Stripe [Wallet Size]

  • Yearly Calendar
  • Yearly Planner
  • Monthly Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Numbered/Indexed Notes

Hobonichi Cousin [A5]

  • Yearly Calendar
  • Yearly Planner
  • Monthly Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Daily Planner

Covers – I opted to go with the SSack Silicon Covers +* this year. I wanted a sleek, modern, low-profile look. I’m not into cutesy/bulky covers but I do love brightly coloured covers. The SSack Silicon Covers are perfect for me.

Lime Yellow/Green SSack Silicon Cover [Fits Cousin]+*

^ Also available in Navy ^

Red/Pink SSack Silicon Cover [Fits A6 Techo (Original Japanese) + English Planner]+*

^ Also available in Navy / Light Blue ^

Hobonichi Stencils

My favourites are the blue and the green stencils. 

Hobonichi Pencil Boards

HIGHTIDE See-through Dot Stickers

Love these! Excellent for highlighting dates/tasks or even for tracking/colour-coding.

Book Darts

My new favourite things! I use these everywhere. As bookmarks, as dividers, as tabs. Seriously my favourite stationery accessory!

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