Winter | Refresh

The sun is setting earlier and rising later. The skies are a crisp clear ice-blue. The air outside is fresh against my skin. Winter is here in the Southern Hemisphere. Winter makes everything feel fresh, crisp and clear. So I thought, what better time to refresh the look of my website…





  • refresh | rɪˈfrɛʃ/ [verb]
  • verb: refresh; 3rd person present: refreshes; past tense: refreshed; past participle: refreshed; gerund or present participle: refreshing
  • give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate.
  • “the shower had refreshed her”
  • synonyms: reinvigorate, revitalize, revive, restore, brace, fortify, strengthen, give new strength to, enliven, perk up, stimulate, freshen, energize, exhilarate, reanimate, wake up, resuscitate, revivify, rejuvenate, regenerate, renew, breathe new life into; More blow away the cobwebs; informal | buck up, pep up; rare in spirit
  • “the cool air will refresh me”

It’s been about 3 years since I refreshed the look of my digital home. Which meant it was high time to change things up.

So I opted for a new theme and a new look. I’m loving the fresh, clean look of this Refresh. It symbolises the refreshing that is taking place in my life, both fictionally and personally. I’m feeling crisp, clear and refreshed. Excited about what the future holds…




Tell me, which is your favourite season to refresh, reset and change things up?


I leave you with one of my favourite songs presented in one of the most beautiful visuals.

2 thoughts on “Winter | Refresh

  1. I think I love Fall and Spring. Fall because the world is changing. It’s colours are glorious and we go from iced everything, to hot tea and cocoa. It’s sort of a celebration of moving back indoors from living outside all summer. there are fires in the fireplace, the smell of pumpkin and chocolate and spices — and Christmas right around the corner. Crunchy leaves, and early on, not so much rain. Nights close in and one feels comforted with homey things.

    Spring because we are finally coming out of the winter doldrums, which on the Oregon Coast means rain, rain, storms, and more rain. After about seven or eight months or wet, we’re ready for more sun, warmer temps, and the chance to go live outside for a few weeks. Spring in this part of the world is about hope that summer is coming, because we often have endless days of rain, but at least we have more light. And Spring is about flowering trees and bushes, pops of colour after endless grey.

    I like summer and winter here, but they aren’t my most favourite seasons.

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