Birthday Month #BirthdayBehaviour


This month is my birthday month. It’s a milestone birthday. Which means…. Milestone surprises. And I’m already being spoilt…

Left: New Macbook Right: Old but faithful Macbook

Ooh even the box has rose gold accents
Ta-da…Now isn’t that just gorgeousness. Everything should be in Rose Gold. The perfect writers’ laptop.
All my favourite writer weapons. Pens. Notebooks. The Perfect laptop. #inkslaying


This beautiful early birthday gift arrived. I have desperately needed to upgrade my 10-year old Mac Pro and at the top of my wish list was this sexy rose gold MacBook (2017). I’ve been dreaming about this gorgeous machine since the first model came out in 2015.

Surprise, Surprise!! My family decided to spoil me this year with this sleek and sexy ultra-portable powerhouse. I just have to say I want all the things in Rose Gold.

So I’d like to introduce Rizzoli. Named after my favourite fictional female detective.

I absolutely love this MacBook. Apple I’ve got to say you’ve outdone yourself this time.

To be honest it was a little daunting to switch to a new laptop after 10 years on my trusty Mac. But thanks to the brilliant migration assistant on my Apple time capsule, the backup and transfer of the last 10 years went smoothly. Nothing was lost. Thankfully.

I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now. And it is an absolute delight to write with. The butterfly keyboard is so responsive and really comfortable to type on. The battery life is phenomenal. I can use it on battery charge for a full day without needing to be charged. I also love that I can recharge it with the same power-bank I use for my iPad mini in case I’m not near a power point. But the biggest difference is just how portable this tiny MacBook is. Packs all the power and punch of my old MacBook and so much more but in an ultra-light minimalist design. Truly this machine is just pure delight to work on. I’ve got to say I personally think this is the perfect writers’ laptop.

Now the next thing I need to do is upgrade to Scrivener 3. Scrivener 2 is my power-weapon in all things writing but after watching the introduction to what’s new and improved in Scrivener 3 from the brilliant Scrivener Coach, Joseph Michael, I think Scrivener 3 is definitely going to hit all my sweet spots.

I also decided to treat myself to some early birthday treats…

Of course it was stationery related….You can never have enough paper and pen things.

New notebooks!

The one on the left is going to be a series catch-all bible for my current WIP Tattooist- Blood & Ink series.

The one on the right is for my shiny new secret WIP series: Nightborn.

Shiny new MacBook ✔

Shiny new Notebooks ✔

Shiny Writer in procrastination…Progress through Procaffeination ✔👩🏻‍💻☕😂

Now back to writing….

One thought on “Birthday Month #BirthdayBehaviour

  1. Happy Birth Month, dear Kim. I’m so glad you got great new writing tools. They are all important. Can’t wait to see how you go this year with the writing.

    I have a shiny new computer coming my way here soon. My son is building it. I can’t wait! Somehow, they make all the difference, don’t they?

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