2018 | When Life is a Circus & Other Cat-astrophes

Life in 2018 has been a circus with all the circus animals running wild and the clowns dropping all the balls.

Speaking of wild animals and cat-astrophes….

I adopted a feline furbaby at Christmas last year. With life being so crazy and tipsy-turbo, I haven’t had a chance to introduce her to you people in Blog-land.

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Meet Nyx.

This girl has brought a brightness and joy to my life in a year when I’ve really needed fun distractions. Jazz, my canine furbaby, absolutely adores his little sister. The two of them can be heard running around the house chasing each other from the early hours of the morning.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a cat and Nyx is the little cat with mischievous Cattitude and the biggest heart. From the first moment I met her, she stole my heart away. She is a bundle of furry energy which is just as well because her canine brother is the craziest, most energetic furboy I know.

2018 Started off with an emergency trip to the hospital. My body was in free-fall and my system was shutting me down. It’s the closest I’ve ever felt to dying. This hospital visit was a blessing in disguise though because it finally prompted the medical system to take my health concerns seriously. This hospital visit led me down the long, winding pothole-strewn path of multiple doctor visits, specialist consultations, numerous uncomfortable tests and procedures but finally to a tiny ray of light of an actual treatment plan for my longtime health concerns.

2018 Ended with a gruelling new day-job routine that almost burnt me out to my core. I soon came to the realisation that sometimes quitting something and saying “No” is the best medicine you can prescribe yourself.

This perfectly sums up my current attitude or should that be “cattitude”.

So in more ways than just one, 2018 has been a year of cat-astrophe with the dual emphasis on cat and catastrophes and huge changes that taught me a lot about what I am willing to accept and what I simply refuse to accept.

But 2018 has also been a year when I focused in on which direction I am headed in. Years of great catastrophe and chaos have a way of weeding away the unacceptable by scorching the landscape bare but that bare ground gives new seed to fresh blossoms. Sometimes you have to have a year of chaos to burn away the detritus and be able to zero in to what you really want from life.

2018 has been my year of Chaos and Change.

Tell me, what did 2018 teach you?

5 thoughts on “2018 | When Life is a Circus & Other Cat-astrophes

    1. Hello my sweet friend.
      Your comments always make my heart swell. Thank you for your beautiful wishes. I love that phrase, “quiet joys”. Wishing you a 2019 of lightness and joy. All love back to you.

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