2019 Birthday Vibes & Dreams Fulfilled| Ancora Impara

This birthday was a good one in so many ways. Things in my life are slowly on the upswing. For so long I’ve been caught in chaos but the chaos is starting to mist away as calm enters my life again.

Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been. | David Bowie

This year I decided to renew a teen dream and give it roots in my present. I have always loved classical music. I love music of all genres but it is in classical music that I find my soul smiling. My favourite instrument, the one that truly calls to my soul, has always been the violin. It’s haunting song always moves me, no matter the melody. Although I studied music in high school, I could not afford a violin so I studied piano and the recorder instead. But ever since then I have had an unfulfilled dream to have my own violin and to learn to play the violin.

When you play a violin piece, you are a storyteller, and you’re telling a story. | Joshua Bell

So for my birthday this year I decided that it is never too late and you are never too old to pursue the dreams of youth. This customised Maverick of a Violin is my teen dream fulfilled. Just holding this violin gives me such joy and I cannot wait to eventually make music with this beautiful instrument. I absolutely adore the “punk-rock” vibe of its customised graffiti. When I saw this, I knew I had to own it. It just speaks to me. I can’t wait until it sings to me. I am looking forward to the challenge of learning to make this beautiful instrument sing.

The violin has always been the instrument that has fascinated me the most. Aside from the incomparable beauty of a violin, its history has always fascinated me.

In fact, my fascination for the violin is so deep that I have a file of research on the history of the violin in one of my waiting Scrivener documents for a work in progress. So it is even more special to now finally own my own violin.

Some years ask questions, and some years answer…

This year….

Ancora Impara | I am still learning {Michaelangelo, at age 87}

I will leave you with one of my favourite performances of my favourite violin composition.

David Garrett Unplugged | Vivaldi Summer Presto “Storm”

Presto | Vivaldi
Alas, his fears come true: 
There is thunder and lightning in the heavens
And the hail cuts down the tall ears of grain.

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