Favourite Things #Snapshot #Hobonichi #2016

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I am definitely a #PlanItOnPaper gal. I love my tech but for actually planning tasks and then ticking off/crossing off tasks done, nothing beats a paper planner for me. I also prefer a bound lay-flat planner rather than a ringed planner. Last year was my introduction to the Hobonichi – a Japanese bound planner system (available in 3 sizes) with Tomoe River Paper (Very high quality fountain pen friendly paper) – and for my first year using Hobonichi, I bought the Hobonichi Cousin (A5). I loved the Hobonichi Cousin so much that I knew that I wanted to get all 3 sizes this year. I love compartmentalising my planning. I like having an everything hold-all planner – both personal and professional – which I prefer in an A5 size. But I knew I wanted separate, smaller planners for both my personal life and a dedicated planner/logbook for my writing.

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#HappyNewYear 2016 RISE up to Your Dreams | It’s f%#!ing worth it! #OneWord365 #ResolutionRevolution

What’s your  #2016 #OneWord365 #WordOfTheYear ?

Every year for the past 4 years I have chosen my One #WordOfTheYear.

I don’t do resolutions because quite simply there are too many things I want to resolve to do, too many places I want to resolve to see, too many people I want to resolve to meet or spend more time with and too many goals I want to resolve to achieve.

The resolution list would be Long.



This is my 5th year running that I have opted to go with a #PowerWord. [5 means lucky for me.]

This is the #OneWord366 [This year is a leap year! It means 1 whole 24 hours extra to #GetSh!tDone !] I choose to FOCUS on to power my intentions and motivate me. It is the #ResolutionsRevolution. It kicks ass and takes no excuses. No more lists of not done by the end of your first month. 

This year my word is a word I have waited to choose.

It leads on beautifully from my #2015 Word: Push.

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These are some of my Favourite Things #2015

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  • Pens
  1. Visconti Van Gogh Starry Night Fountain Pen
  2. TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen
  3. Mitsubishi UniPin 0.3 Black Fine Line Marker
  4. Uniball Jetstream Multi-Pen 
  5. Kikki K Metal RollerBall Pen
  • Ink
  1. Diamine Bilberry
  2. Diamine Ancient Copper
  3. Diamine Eclipse
  4. Diamine Red Dragon
  • Paper
  1. Tomoe River Paper – Extremely FountainPen-Friendly. You can get some from here.
  2.  (All Hobonichi Planners have Tomoe River Paper – gridded.)
  3. TWSBI Grid Notebooks – These are my favourite drafting notebooks. 
  • Notebooks
  1. Midori Traveler’s Notebook – Blue Edition
  2. Chic Sparrow Traveler’s Notebooks
  3. Zenkraft Traveler’s Notebooks
  • Planners $ Planning Methods
  1. Hobonichi Cousin – My absolute everything #GetShitDone Planner
  2. Hobonichi Weeks – My on-the-go portable planner + bulletjournal
  3. Hobonichi Techo – English Planner – My WIP Writer’s Logbook/Journal
  4. Chronodex – My favourite time-tracking tool.
  5. Bullet Journal – My favourite planning method.
  6. Stars +Stickers + Calendar Method – The best #GetItWrittenDeadlineAchiever Trick!
  • Books

For Creativity

  • Wild Mind: Living The Writer’s Life – Natalie Goldberg
  • Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

For the Soul

  • Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail – Cheryl Strayed

For the Mind

  • The 5am Miracle: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast – Jeff Sanders
  • The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8am) – Hal Elrod

For Pleasure

  • Still Alice – Lisa Genova
  • Second Life – S.J. Watson
  • What Came Before – Anna George
  • The Memory of Water – Karen White
  • Mrs. Hemingway – Naomi Wood

Favourite Series

  • Harry Hole – Jo Nesbo
  • Blood on Snow – Jo Nesbo
  • Joona Linna – Lars Kepler
  • Bill Hodges – Stephen King
  • Jack Reacher – Lee Child
  • The Blackdagger Brotherhood – J.R. Ward
  • A Court of Thorns & Roses – Sarah J. Maas
  • Exercise
  1. Walking Jazz, the papillon, my adorable furry BFF.
  2. Running
  3. Swimming
  4. At Home Workouts
  • Tae Bo – I use this app (Apple iOS Apps)
  • Pilates – I use this app (Apple iOS Apps)
  • Technology
  1. Apple iPad Mini Retina
  2. Apple MacBook Pro
  3. Software & Apps
  • Social Media Networks
  1. Twitter
  2. Instagram
  • Music
  1. Yurbuds Inspire 300 Sport Headphones
  2. Spotify – Especially these playlists: Moodbooster, Re-Energise, Creativity Boost, Zen Focus, Morning Walk
  3. New Groups: Jamestown Revival
  • Chillaxing
  1. Massage Therapy – Full Body Deep Tissue Massage
  2. Saunas
  3. Jacuzzi
  4. Shellac Manicures + Pedicures
  5. Glasshouse Candles
  • Rituals
  1. Morning Ritual – Miracle Morning + 5am Miracle
  2. Evening Ritual – Adapted Miracle Morning Method
  3. KonMarie Organizing&Tidying Method
  • Reflections
  1. Journalling 
  2. Morning Pages – Clearing the mind by stream-of-consciousness Journalling and preparing it for focus.
  3. Evening Brain Dumps – Getting everything out of my brain onto paper.

So tell me what are some of your favourite things #2015?


Enjoy your last day of 2015!

Welcome in 2016!

    {Re}Focus | Inhale {The Good Sh!#} Exhale {The BullSh!#}


    I opened up my WordPress app today and this is what my stats told me:

    It’s been 5 months since … Last Post

    So let me begin by stating the obvious…It has been a while a long while a bloody long while since I posted on here. WordPress is kind enough to inform me that it has been 5 months since my last post. So why the deep buzzing of mosquitoes and no posts you may wonder? I could tell you I have been: 

    swamped ~ overwhelmed ~ stressed ~ burnt-out ~ burnt-through ~ exhausted ~ sick&tired.

    All of the above would be true and accurate. But mostly I have been so quiet because I have just been learning to  


    Stop holding my breath 

                    and just breathe…

     This year has been a tough one filled with more darkness than light, in more ways than one. But the important thing, even in an Annus Horribilis, to remember is that there have been slivers of light. The last 5 months I have been searching for and storing those slivers of light. That is why I have been quiet online. I needed to take a breath and then to breathe out again. Breath by breath. 

    It got too dark for me to write. So instead of forcing it, I did the unthinkable, and just stopped. I realised I needed to refocus on myself, get my emotional + physical health on a better footing. I needed time to just learn to breathe again because there have been moments this year when it took all my energy reserves just to breathe.

    I could go into a few logical reasons as to why I didn’t want to write but that wouldn’t be quite accurate. The worst thing was that I DID want to write. But my well was empty. A perfect storm of events + emotions + health (lack of) = Empty, dried up well of creativity/inspiration/focus. Things, past things, that I had boxed up and stored in a dank, forgotten basement in my memory crept up out of the darkness and demanded to be dealt with. Where I thought I had been brilliant at compartmentalising I was proven wrong. Because nothing had been thrown away instead the boxes had just been hidden. 

      But I’m still upright. Bruised, battered and scarred from the Past-become-Present and the Present, kneeling but upright. Ironically enough it has been this WIP – Tattooist – that has forced me to deal with those memory-monsters hidden away in boxes in that dank, forgotten basement. I was feeling claustrophobic because it was in the writing and rewriting of Tattooist that these memory-monsters started creeping out. Tattooist was their siren call. So I did the only thing I could do, I boxed up Tattooist and all the poisonous emotions and I faced down my hungry memory-monsters. I faced them and although they put in more than a good fight, I conquered my inner demons and released those hungry memory-monsters. 

    That is what I have been doing for most of this year and all of the last five months. I haven’t been writing but I have been healing. In the next few weeks I’ll share a little on how and where I found the small slivers of light that took me from a dark place up into a place of faint, but growing, light.

    Today there are exactly 6 weeks left of 2015. 42 Days. I won’t lie by saying I’ll miss 2015. I won’t. But today, with just 6 weeks left of 2015, I embrace my personal Annus Horribilis and I thank it. I embrace the hungry memory-monsters and I thank them. I embrace my stalled WIP and thank it. I embrace my creative claustrophobia and I thank it. I embrace the dark nights of my soul and thank them. I look at the reflection in my mirror and I see a woman who is stronger for the struggles and I thank her. I embrace and thank the girl that stands in this woman’s shadow, a reminder of what hope, joy, optimism and love look like. 

    So today there are 6 weeks left of 2015. 42 Days.  

     I have been holding my breath but now I’m breathing again. I’ve exhaled the darkness and I’m inhaling the light. It is time to dust off the creative cobwebs of that dank basement and step into an open space. A space where there is light and where I can breathe without fear, without panic, without doubt, free from the shackles of the past. A space where I can pour the elixir of story back into my soul. Tattooist calls me again but now I am ready to accept the call not as sirens calling me near treacherous, dangerous rocks but as a lighthouse guiding me back home to the written page. 

    So today there are exactly 6 weeks left of 2015. 42 Days. 42 Fresh starts. 42 Days to start over…

    What are you going to do with your one precious life these 42 days?

    Catching Thoughts: A place for notebooks, notebooks for places

    My name is Kim…and I am a stationery junkie.

    I have always been obsessed with pens, notebooks, and basically stationery of any and all kinds. The drawers in my roll top desk are filled with notebooks, beautiful paper and all kinds of writing and sketching tools. I am also an avid journaler and always on the lookout for a beautiful new journal to add to my collection. Over the last few months though I have stumbled down a whole new twisty rabbit hole: Traveler’s Notebooks.

    Traveler’s Notebooks are a binder system that holds together multiple notebooks. The original brand of Traveler’s Notebooks are the Japanese brand of Midori. These are leather covers with an ingenious elasticated string system that holds together multiple notebooks.  

    courtesy of Midori
    The genius concept of the Traveler’s Notebooks are that they are rugged, minimalist, fully customisable – as to how you use them and they are the perfect travelling/desk/handbag/rucksack accessory. With a Traveler’s Notebook I can have multiple notebooks kept together in a hardy and durable cover. I always like to have a notebook or three handy at all times, because thoughts and ideas flutter in and out usually during the most mundane moments in life. With a TN I can catch those thoughts before they fly past into the Neverland of forgotten memories. There is also something to be said for the tangible beauty of a leather Traveler’s Notebook. 

     The Midori-style notebook has become so popular that it has inspired many other suppliers and artisans to create their own versions inspired by these Traveler’s Notebooks. Traditionally the Traveler’s notebooks are notebook covers that are made from supple leather and come in a cheque-book-wallet size *Regular/Standard Size* and a Passport size.

    These other Traveler’s notebooks, made by independent artisans, come in a smorgasbord of materials from leather to material to paper. They also come in a variety of sizes from small pocket sizes to large art journal sizes. There is the perfect notebook for everyone’s needs. 

    “Keep a notebook. Travel with it, eat with it, sleep with it. Slap into it every stray thought that flutters up into your brain. Cheap paper is less perishable than gray matter, and lead pencil markings endure longer than memory.” ~ Jack London
    “Keep a notebook. Travel with it, eat with it, sleep with it. Slap into it every stray thought that flutters up into your brain. Cheap paper is less perishable than gray matter, and lead pencil markings endure longer than memory.” ~ Jack London
    I stumbled down this rabbit hole a few months ago and am still to come up for air. At first I wanted to get myself the traditional Midori Traveler’s notebooks (TN) but the Midori TN I wanted was temporarily out of stock.

    So I then I started looking at the various alternate Traveler’s notebooks made and I was wowed. After stalking quite a few Instagram hashtags and YouTube videos, I settled on Chic Sparrow. Then it was a case of narrowing my focus down to which size I wanted and which leather/colour/texture I wanted. Although a lot of people use their TNs for planning/scheduling, I knew I wanted to use mine for journaling and for note-taking, perhaps even sketching. I also knew I preferred a leather that was thicker, firm but still supple and flexible and a leather that was rich in texture. I also wanted a TN that was personalised to me. 

    I ended up stalking the Chic Sparrow website daily for a few weeks. Chic Sparrow is so popular that they often sell out within a few hours each day. Eventually the leather I wanted in the size I wanted was finally available. *I got a Narrow size with overhang – the actual cover is slightly wider than the inserted notebooks/inserts.* I ended up choosing the Distressed CremeBrûlée Deluxe* (*Deluxe is a TN that comes with stitched in pockets/pen loop and is finished off externally with a beautiful stitching border.)   I chose my personalisations and hit order. Then I waited. Nine days later my Chic Sparrow package arrived…

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    I was thrilled to see/feel the variations/texture in this gorgeous distressed leather. There is something very special to me about a distressed leather. One of my favourite parts of my TN is the deep natural “imperfectly perfect” scar on the back secretarial pocket. It shows a life well lived by this cow. It also reminds me that the page can always safely store both my scars and my joys. Catching my daily thoughts in this beautiful Traveler’s Notebook fills me with joy and fresh inspiration.

    Again…this is keeping me true to my new mantra: Yo no Bi ~ Beauty through Use…Use through Beauty.

    My next Traveller’s Notebook is going to be a limited edition Original Midori. I have waited to get the traditional Midori Traveler’s Notebook in a limited Blue leather edition: this one will capture my actual travels, adventures and road trips. But more on this blue-beauty when it arrives…

    Tell me, how do you catch all your thoughts/ideas?
     Are you a note-taker?

    Traveler’s Notebooks Links

    Yo No Bi – Finally Finding Zen in My Almost-Every-Day #Hobonichi

    *Fair Warning: this is a long post. So get comfortable… 🙂 Feel free to skip to the end to read my personal thoughts. Please feel free to let me know – in the comments – how you “plan your day” if you do and what your favourite planner/planning system is. Thank you for reading.*

    This year I have been focused on productivity and productivity habits/methods/systems/tools. One of the reasons I have been so focused on productivity is because I have been fighting a personal battle of being well enough to be productive. I have also had to learn to be kinder to myself. I am my own worst critic at the best of times but in the times when my own body is the enemy to my productivity, I am usually even worse at criticising myself. 

    As I have shared on here, a few months ago, I am a Migraineur and I live with Chronic Migraine on a daily basis. The last year has been particular difficult and trying as my Chronic Migraines went from bad to severe, from 10 a month to about 20 – 25 a month now. I have had to accept that on the bad days I can’t get writing done and beating myself up mentally about this does not get me anywhere and just ends up creating more stress for me. And one thing Chronic Migraine does not like is Stress. But I am determined that this Migraine will not steal more of my life and creativity than it already does. So I have been researching and trialling many different productivity methods/tools in order to turn my chaotic into calm.

    The concept of “Yo no Bi” (Japanese)
    ~ transl. Beauty Through Use ~


    I recently shared a post about returning to the world of planning Filofax-style in my new Kikki K. I also shared the fantastic Day Designer undated template I found for planning out my day. But after a few months of using this system, I was feeling underwhelmed and under-motivated. (*I meant to use “under-motivated specifically instead of unmotivated. The motivation was there but the system underwhelmed me.*) 

    There was nothing glaringly wrong with the system but I knew something was missing. There was too much “plan” and not enough “usability”. I ended up feeling more frustrated and restricted than calmer and more organised. My planner system was simply not the right plan for me personally.

    As much as I love my digital tools, I knew that ultimately I love unplugging and using paper and pen. For the last year I have also been getting back into the world of fountain pens and beautiful paper. (A whole other rabbit hole to fall down into.) I made a pros and cons list about what I wanted vs what I needed in the “perfect planner”.  This was my list:

    My “Perfect Planner” Wish List

    • Must be pen and paper.
    • Preferably fountain pen friendly.
    • Minimum A5 in size and fairly portable.
    • Enough sections to be able to fit in everything from deadline dates, a chronodex, appointments, tasks to do and a “clean and simple” space for writing – working through story ideas, character development, and a brain dump.
    • A system with enough structure to make my perfectionist-me happy and enough adaptability to make my creative-me happy.
    • A system contained within itself, something that can be taken with me on the go and be usable anywhere and everywhere whether at my desk, at a cafe, on a plane/bus/train or while travelling.
    • Simplicity not complication.
    • Beautiful function. Functional beauty.
    • Something both aesetically beautiful in design but fully functional and practical in usability.

    Once I knew what I truly wanted and needed, I knew what to go looking for. As a stationery addict I could spend a lot of money on many products that would match all my needs and wants. But the key to me in this instance is that I don’t need more stationery for the sake of feeding my love for stationery. I needed a productivity system that would allow me to feel more organised. 


    I have finally found the system that works for me. I have finally found the Zen in my “Almost-Every-Day”…
    find out more…

    Drakensberg | Tryptich #NaPoWriMo

    Embed from Getty Images
    Lost in the mists of time
    The dragon lies sleeping,
    His hot breath forms clouds
    Holding the fierceness that is his beauty.
    Dawn dances over his scales
    As his muscles ripple in harmony,
    Her soft light touches each horn
    And his heavy tail slides into sight.
    The walls of air fade into sky
    While dawn blushes in joy,
    Her lips curve into a smile
    Anticipating his wakefulness.
    As dawn’s sweet singing
    Fills the dragon’s lair,
    His eye opens to gaze on her
    With a passion aflame with fire.
    Embed from Getty Images
    I feel dreams cascading down the waterfall of my memory.
    I feel the power of life terrible in its fragility.
    I look inside myself and feel the whisper of sadness raining beneath tears
    of joy.
    I close my eyes and I am covered in sound.
    I remember the strength of Africa –
    An aged land that holds the key to the mysteries of life and death,
    Love and hate, joy and fear, quiet and chaos.
    I shut my eyes and see the brilliant white light caught in the forked
    As the air crashes around me with the thunder of her power.
    I hear the echoes of silence caught between the whispers of God’s heartbeats
    Then Africa rains, freely and unashamedly she mourns the death of another day.
    Embed from Getty Images
    I do not have a name for this feeling,
    This deep wide open space within me.
    My eyes search for blood saturated sunsets,
    My mouth yearns for the raw taste of dust.
    My ears listen for the screech of crickets,
    They hear the rustle of grasses.
    My skin aches to feel the gentle heat of its sun,
    I see endless plains behind the veil of closed eyes.
    I dream of the acridly fresh smell of a summer storm,
    My spine shivers as the sky turns dark green.
    I watch forks of electricity shock the noon sky,
    And the ancient dragon cocoons into a blue chameleon.
    An eggplant curtain is torn open as showers of hard stones bruise the earth,
    Steam rises as the hard ground melts before baking.
    I fall asleep to an orchestra of sound and chaos,
    Crickets screeching, frogs bellowing, snakes hissing.
    I hold my hand in front of my face and all I see is a vacuum of shadow,
    The eye cannot measure the boundaries of this night shadow.
    Only the fireballs of space draw its shadow in pieces of light,
    These ancient guards of the night know the depths of Africa’s soul:
    As I know the untameable wildness within my African heart…bani gama lako? *

    © All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.

    The Drakensberg (‘the Dragon Mountains’) is the highest mountain range in Southern Africa, rising to 3, 482 meters (11, 424 ft) in height and is site to the World’s second highest waterfall, the Tugela Falls.

    Drakensberg translates to Dragon Mountains or as the Zulu nation calls it Ukhahlamba “Barrier of Up-Pointed Spears”. Both of these names are appropriate. To me, these mountains always resembled a sleeping dragon.

     I grew up in the lush verdant green lands of KwaZulu-Natal, embraced by the warm, maternal currents of the Indian Ocean on the east and fiercely guarded by the mighty Dragon, the Drakensberg Mountain Range, on the west. To this day, I believe that this mighty mountain range is the most hauntingly beautiful place in the world. When I think of “home”, these peaks and valleys of “The Dragon Mountains” will always be the home of my heart no matter where I am in the world. They are my “True North”. This “Dragon” / “Barrier of Up-Pointed Speare” is my place of peace.

    * “bani gama lako?” (Zulu) translates “Who are you / What is your name?” *


    “Stretching majestically for 245km, the Drakensberg mountain range forms a natural barrier between the western reaches of KwaZulu-Natal (South African Province) and the Kingdom of Lesotho. This is a mountain range of spectacular natural beauty where golden sandstone and soaring basalt buttresses rise above pristine steep-sided river valleys, rocky gorges and high rolling grasslands. With an elevation of over 3 000m, these magnificent mountains offer exceptional conditions for walking and hiking. In the summertime, clear morning skies puff up with towering cumuli-nimbus clouds in preparation for the daily afternoon thundershower. In winter the days are warm and dry. But a balmy 20°C afternoon will plummet with nightfall to below zero, and snow regularly illuminates the peaks.

    The Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Park offers a natural haven of incredible variety. High up in the Berg the weary walker is rewarded by the hardy and fragile mountain flora common to high altitude climes. On the slopes of the Little Berg the vegetation is called Montane. A variety of different types of grass proliferate, whilst in the secluded valleys, unique plants and trees flourish, especially proteas, cycads, tree ferns, cabbage trees and the giant yellowwood. Common flowers include lilies, lion’s tail, agapanthus, watsonia, helicrysum, erica and the distinctive scarlet spears of the red hot poker.

    In its remoteness and height, the Berg offers a magical window open to the fascination of the skies. The sun blazes as an oasis of light, warmth and life. The eager star-gazer is rewarded by a Milky Way that arcs across the night skies in a marvelous mass of stars. The various planets shine forth brightly, unimpaired by buildings or the interference of city lights. The well-known celestial constellations, Orion and Scorpio, are clearly visible and the Southern Cross marks the way with its two pointers. A rising moon in the East, large and glowing, and the setting sun over the Drakensberg peaks, is a wondrous daily experience.” … Excerpted courtesy of DrakensburgMountains

    Incredible 360degree panorama of The Drakensberg Mountain Range 
    courtesy of photographer/traveller: Dmitri Moiseenko

    The Drakensberg – Dragon Mountains, South Africa • 360° Aerial Panorama

    The Drakensberg - Dragon Mountains, South Africa - AirPano.com • 360° Aerial Panorama • 3D Virtual Tours Around the World

    Your Robes

    Embed from Getty Images

    You allowed me a touch,
    I stretched out my hand to grasp Your hem
    In that moment I knew my weakness
    I was overcome by sorrowful joy
    Tears of forgiveness fell from my eyes
    As Your embracing Love cleansed my soul
    There was so little of man left
    As Your Spirit flooded the gates of mine
    How do I keep hold of Your robes?
    But to call out to You and beseech You
    Master, Father, Saviour of my Soul
    Redeem this small servant before you
    Willingly I shake free the shackles of earth
    As I surely enter the throne-room of the King
    I bow before my Creator in worship
    For this is the purpose of my breath
    Tarry not too long Lord
    For my soul thirsts for You.

    © All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.


    Daily I am faced with arrows of temptation
    My flesh is weak and unwilling
    I look at my reflection in the mirror
    I am filled with shame at my wickedness
    Lord I long for Your daily washing of my soul
    I long for the life-giving tears to wash my sin away
    Daily the world wishes to defeat my flesh
    But Lord I cling to Your Word made Flesh
    I fall prostrate before your throne
    Crying out Abba Father, Your will not my own
    Lord I cry out for your boldness
    I cry out to be scorched with the Flame of Life
    Daily my flesh fails me and makes a deceiver of me
    I thank You Lord that Your Spirit has overcome
    The poison of the world’s arrow is dull
    I will not be afraid or dismayed, I hand over to You Lord

    © All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.

    The Depths and the Breadths, Psalm 139

    The earth trembles and breaks open
    Thunderbolts with the sound of giant cymbals
    Clash and echo all around me
    Lightning flashes as the earth tears her womb
    There is a rent in the soil beneath my feet
    I smell burnt sulphur of fear in the air
    My body cries out in fear with my heart racing
    But my spirit sings in triumph and awe
    As the cry of a newborn is issued from my lips
    “Messiah! Holy One! Lamb of God! Jesus Christ!”
    Excitement flows through me in waterfalls of joy
    As I am wrenched from this place by a force as gentle as a breeze
    With the power of an ocean. I arise.
    In this place – It shall be done

    © All Rights Reserved Kim Koning


    Embed from Getty Images

    He was a man on the streets
    Covered in nothing but filth and shame
    They held their noses closed
    Thanking God that wasn’t them
    Even the corpses in their grave
    Were offered compassion and love
    This man belonged to the undead
    And his name was ruined
    He was a man with two feet in hell
    And a drowning mind swallowed in evil
    All he saw before him was darkness
    All they saw in him was darkness
    Coming to the end of Hope’s road
    He looked around and saw nobody
    Falling down he wept one last time
    Yet no tears fell from hardened eyes
    Looking down from above
    Was an angel covered in love
    His face wreathed in a smile
    “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God
    And all these things shall be added to you”
    Then the man’s hidden heart opened
    As heavy tears fell from his eyes
    Where he had no hope, now he was joyful
    The darkness fled as love’s light
    Embraced his weary soul…
    “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God”

    © All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.

    The Servant, 33   

    tired and dusty,
    – i have walked the streets
    of despair and adversity –
    blinded by the storm’s drumbeat
    looking for a place of rest
    i stumble into a stable;
    my heart filled with unrest,
    my instincts that of an animal.
    i find straw for a bed
    (not aware of Him)
    i lay down my heavy head
    and the world grows strangely dim:
    i feel strong hands
    gently lifting my weak, filthy body
    i battle to understand
    – Who would dare touch me so lovingly?! –
    i fearfully open my eyes
    finding myself in an empty manger,
    i look into the eyes of The Crucified
    as He kneels before my crude manger.
    slowly He holds my feet
    and in a gentle caress washes
    clean the dirt and the grime of the street.
    tears run down my cheek in ugly blotches,
    – full of shame –
    i watch as they fall
    On the shoulders of Him who became
    The Servant so that I may be called Royal.
    Smiling – he wraps my feet
    in royal cloth of white –
    He wipes the trail of tears from my cheek
    and tenderly embraces me in His Light
    I succumb to His Love – newly cleansed and replete

    © All Rights Reserved Kim Koning