Celebrating Prolific Bloggers


Since January I have been taking part in a blogging challenge called: Postaday2011. This challenge is being held by WordPress. The gist of this challenge is to post at least once a day, every day of the year in 2011. For those who find this a little too challenging, there is the challenging Postaweek2011.

Since I have started doing this I have met many different bloggers I usually would not have and my online network has grown. I had not been doing this challenge for long and I came across a FB group called Post A Day (Week) Challenge. Through this site, I find that my knowledge basis on music. gardening, crafting, house renovations, art and writing has increased. This is a direct result of joining this Facebook group.

So today, I would like to award, acknowledge and celebrate my Postday / Week 2011 bloggers. The award I am giving them is very apt for what they are: It is the Prolific Blogger Award. This is an award given to Bloggers who blog, comment and follow to a prolific degree irregardless of the stresses or time constraints of daily life.

The Prolific Blogger Award

These are the Postaday 2011 Bloggers who are this year’s Prolific Bloggers:



























http://tndzulo.wordpress.com/ (moving to http://joendzulo.info/blog )












I would also like to award the founder of the Face Book group for this challenge her very own award: The Versatile Award. This perfectly sums up Debbie’s blog where she has a daily theme to every day of the week. These themes range from Photography, to gardening, to crafting, to cooking, to business advice to technology advice and many more on top of that. So today help me in celebrating Debbie’s Running Garlic WordPress blog and applaud her as she accepts:

The Versatile Blogger Award

Congratulations to these Bloggers who do not baulk at a challenge. Well done on already posting so prolifically and Good Luck on the continued success of your challenge.

If you are blogging every day or every week of the year and find you need some support then join our Facebook group. You will find a very supportive environment and may even find some new friends.

Happy Blogging…

– Kim

Smiles & Shout-Outs to my Cyberspace Sisterhood

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Well my day was a dreary one indeed. I will not bore you nor depress you with the details but suffice to say that this was a day I could have done without. On coming home my head ached and my annoyance levels were seething in me. I was not feeling creative other than imagining scenes of destruction on my unsuspecting villains of my day.

I came home and powered up my MacBook. I started scrolling through my inbox until I came across a few comments on yesterday’s post that I needed to approve. It was not long before my deadly frown and grimace of the day turned into a smoothed brow and a wide smile.

A kind word is like a Spring Day. – Russian Proverb

I started this blog as a way to build an online presence and to network with other writers. I started blogging about a few things that I would be working on and found that many writers were in the same boat as me. But this blog has done so much more for me than just build an online presence. This blog has introduced me to a network of writers that have become my good friends….and this week I have needed the encouragement from my writing pals.

So this is a Shout-out to some amazing gals and guys I have gotten to know. I cannot attempt to name every single one of you as this post would then go on for pages. But I would like to the opportunity to give a few shout-outs and send out my grateful smiles to the following lovely people.


Melissa Pearl

Rachna Chhabria

Roz Morris

Dee White

Lia Keyes

Sheryl Gwyther

Leigh K Hunt

Engrid Epel

Denise Maclennan Bruce

Judith van Praag

The Running Garlic


I hereby award each of you lovely friends and followers, motivators and encouragers, pick-me-uppers and fix-me-uppers, frowns-into-smiles the double awards of The Sisterhood Award

The Sisterhood Award


The Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Award

Thank you to every single one of you Amazing ladies who I have mentioned here. Allow me to take this moment to Shout Out to you. Paste and copy these twin awards onto your website. These are not meant to be paid forward, they are simply to show my appreciation for your constant support, encouragement, motivation and above all your friendship. Keep them and display them proudly. I am proud and honoured to count you as my friends and part of my sisterhood.

I bow in gratitude, admiration and friendship to each of you.

Thank you. I hope I can be as good a support for each of you as you have been for me this last year.

Yours in Sisterhood & Sunshine

Kim @ Dragonflyscrolls

Sisters are doing it for themselves

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning

November Awards

The Blog with Substance Award

I was thrilled to receive two awards this month. The first is “The Blog of Substance” award from my dear friend Rachna @ Rachna’s Scriptorium. This award means a lot to me as Rachna has chosen blogs that are unique and that she believes are Blogs with Substance. Rachna also asked me to pass this award onto other bloggers I deem worthy. I am also required to add a funny anecdote with the only requirement be that it is related to writing.

So first let me tag the Blogs that I find unique and inspirational:

1) Emma Dryden @ emmaddryden – our stories, ourselves

2) Cinnamon Quill

3) Izabella’s Blue

4) DeeScribewriting

5) The Scribe Sisters

So if these writers could click either on my award widget on the right hand side of this blog or on the link at the top of this page, they can receive their award. I only ask that they pass it onto at least 3 other Blogs worthy of this award and relate a writing related anecdote for us.

Now for my funny anecdote about writing…Mmmhhh this was a difficult one to come up with.

But this is it:

I am a writer. I am a reader. I love anything to do with words. I always have. My nickname, given to me by a pediatrician, when I was a child was bookworm. Everywhere I go, a book, a notebook and a pen/pencil go with me. My family has always joked that the worst punishment would be taking my books, paper and pens away. As a result of this I also have a stationery and notebook/journal addiction. I cannot pass a stationers without buying at least one new implement or new journal. Well about 11 years ago I went and visited my best friend in Greece. She had recently immigrated there and I went across to go and see her new home. Of course, one never needs an excuse to visit Greece. (Just going on record here stating that Greece is my favourite country on this planet.) Well, as usual I took some books along to read as well as a journal and a pencil-case. One of the books I took with me was my favourite: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I was excited to be seeing my best friend and to see Greece. The only thing I did not realise was how Greek Greece is. This meant that there was almost nothing printed in English. At first this was not a problem. I had my books I had brought with me and writing implements. Eventually this did become an issue. I wanted to know what was going on but I could not read any newspapers or magazines. So in short thrift, I asked my best friend to teach me the greek alphabet so that I could read. She looked at me and thought this not at all unusual coming from me. So she taught me the greek alphabet and then taught me to read and write in Greek. Always having an aptitude for languages, I was a quick study. Within a couple of weeks I was reading menus. newspapers and magazines – in Greek! I  realised then how important language truly is. A lack of language creates boundaries and a love and learning of languages increases our imagination and our comprehension. Yes Language and words are lovely and necessary tools. We are humans. We are creatures of communication. This separates us from the other creatures on this planet. I am thankful first to my parents for teaching me to read and to give me my love for all words. I am also thankful to my best friend for teaching me greek so that I could communicate with others.

So that is my anecdote.

The November Blogger of The Month – from Kiwi Writers

Now onto my other award for the month.

I recently received an award from Kiwi Writers for being their November Blogger of the Month. I am humbled and honored to receive this award. So thank you to Kiwi Writers for this nomination, this award and this honor. I do cherish it.

Thank you to Rachna and to Kiwi Writers for these November Awards. I will cherish them.


Blogs I Applaud and Award

There are many blogs that I subscribe to and many that I have found while wandering through different web links. There are a few blogs that really stand out to me though. I have decided to give a weekly Blog award to the Blog that I most Applaud for the week.

This week I am choosing a blog that never fails to inspire or challenge me. It is written by a woman who is a fellow Scribbler and is a loyal follower, commenter and encourager of my own blogging attempts. I first befriended her on the Scribblerati Ning network of writers that I belong to. Since then she has become someone I admire.

Her posts are insightful and grounded in deep thought. Most of her posts are on writing and the writing life but all of them are rooted in personal accounts and experiences. She is a writer first and foremost but I am getting to know her as a kind, wise and honest friend and woman.

This is what I love about online networks whether through blogs or social communities: you may not meet the person in reality but you do start connecting on a deep level with birds of a similar feather to yourself. The internet and world wide web have indeed made the world a smaller place but it has also made human connection more accessible in a very tangible way. Many of these fellow writers and poets that I have met online are becoming friends. This lovely lady who I am applauding and awarding this week is definitely one of these that I count as friends.

This week’s Blog that I Applaud and Award is:
….drum roll…

Rachna’s Scriptorium

So, if you have not yet come across Rachna’s wonderful Scriptorium….make haste and take yourself to her site this week. It will be a visit that you will thank me for recommending.

I hereby Applaud and Award



The Grasshopper Award

This award is given out to a Blog of Excellence.

It is in honour of a Blog that always teaches you and challenges you.

Thank you Rachna to both you and your Scriptorium for always teaching me and never failing to both challenge and inspire me.


© All rights reserved Kim Koning.

My first Blogger Award – The Honest Scrap Award

Today I switched on my Macbook and logged into my blog to find a lovely surprise. I was awarded The Honest Scrap Award by my friend and fellow scribbler Rachna Chhabria @ Rachna’s Scriptorium. Not only is this award special to me as my first Blogger Award but it is especially treasured because of why it is awarded.

The Honest Scrap Award:

This award is about bloggers who post from their heart,
who oftentimes put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul. This means so much to me as that is the root reason of why and what I write about. I believe writing is your heart without a mask. My writing, whether it be a blog post, a poem, a piece of prose or a WIP is the truest part of my soul. To me writing is about honesty and truth-seeking. There is the saying that the pen is more powerful than the sword. I believe that writing is a way to challenge people and to speak often times for those who cannot speak.

The Rules of this Award are to pass it on to 7 bloggers you admire and follow and then to share 10 honest things about yourself.

So firstly in the merits of Paying it Forward, here are the 7 bloggers I admire for always sharing their hearts on the written page (online and paper):

The Honest Scrap Award

1. Dirty White Candy @ Nail Your Novel

2. The Emotional Orphan

3. Nicky Schmidt @ Absolute Vanilla

4. Becky Levine

5. Kavita @ Kavisionz

6. DeadPoet88 @ Inside the Mind of a Lunatic

7. Pete Marshall

Special Mention to my three writer groups under this award:

1. Undead Poets

2. Scribblerati

3. She Writes

These writers truly do write from their heart. I go to their blogs when I need inspiration. Rachna of course is also one of those people whose blog posts always inspire me. Thank you again my friend for the Award.

Now 10 honest things about me:

1.) To truly know me, all you need to do is read my poetry…it is my heart and soul unmasked and unfettered.

2.) Family is the most important thing to me.

3.) I have been truly in love and also had my heart truly broken…but I believe your heart needs to be broken wide open to let your true love in.

4.) Dragonflies and their ability to live life to the fullest in a very short lifetime are my inspiration.

5.) I am terribly afraid of bats.

6.) I do not like swimming in a swimming pool by myself.

7.) My favourite dessert is bananas and custard.

8.) I suffer from migraines.

9.) I love photography.

10.) I am a gypsy at heart, always happy traveling and exploring new places.