Skin | Blood & Ink

Imagine being one small part, a word, of a story...Now imagine your skin being part of a global story. This is what SKIN is. ...while thinking about how much I liked forms that reflected their content, I thought of my unfinished story "Skin," and suddenly it suddenly occurred to me that there is a kind [...]


FOCUS is the catch word for my 2014 Zoom Lens I am going to write less and accomplish more. What I mean by this is I am not going to stretch myself too thin by working on a whole lot of plots/stories at the same time. This was my mistake in 2013 and it overwhelmed [...]

A Tendency to Obsess…

“I know quite certainly that I myself have no special talent; curiosity, obsession and dogged endurance, combined with self-criticism, have brought me to my ideas.”                           - Albert Einstein Is obsession a bad thing? Sometimes it can be especially if your obsession is a person. [...]