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“gossip over cups of coffee,” 1877, from German Kaffeeklatsch, from kaffee “coffee” (see coffee ) + klatsch “gossip” (see klatsch ).

THE living-room in a German household always contains a large sofa at one side of the room, which is the seat of honor accorded a guest. At a Kaffeeklatsch (literally, coffee gossip) the guests of honor are seated on this sofa, and the large round table is wheeled up before them. The other guests seat themselves in chairs about the table. [Mary Alden Hopkins, “A ‘Kaffeeklatsch,'” “Boston Cooking-School Magazine of Culinary Science and Domestic Economics,” May 1905]

Join me for some gossip on my current reads and my recommended coffee+books pairing as I whittle down my over-piled, dangerously teetering to-be-read book shelf.

Hope you have your books and your libation of choice. Mine is coffee and lots of it. Coffee is so important that I rate the books I read by the amount of coffee consumed in one sitting. That is what those coffee mugs under each book on each Kaffeeklatsch post means. The higher the number of coffee mugs, the more riveting the read.
I believe there is nothing more delicious and indulgent than a good story to sink into and a delicious coffee to accompany it. So with each book I klatsch about I am going to recommend the perfect coffee flavour/style to pair with it.

So pull up a chair and let’s talk books and what we are reading this week…

Make yourself comfortable, take a seat in the reading chair just below and come join me for a coffee or three and some delicious reading…

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