Dust, Butterflies, Rain

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Your first kiss had me dying
Your second kiss had me breathing
With your third kiss my walls fell down
All of me was shivering in tension
My veins felt like tightly wound violin strings
My heartbeats were an orchestra in my ears
You lay me down in your bed
I could feel where your body must have lain
There was still a soft embrace of warmth
The room was filled with your scent
It smelt like the fall of a rainstorm
I could smell the dust that is your daily companion
You lean down and kiss me tenderly
Your lips feel different now, like a butterfly’s wings
They flutter across my face, closing my eyes
They feel like the dust of the earth, warm and alive
Everywhere your lips land a circle of warmth begins
Your lips leave soft tattoos of butterfly wings on my skin
The night is cold and dark outside
My skin is warm with your butterfly kisses
A heat starts searing through me, deep in me clouds are breaking
I feel like the scent of the rainstorm has entered my veins
The thunder of my heartbeats drowns out my thoughts
The lightning bolts flash through my flesh, I feel aflame
Your kisses are now too gentle
I arch my chest impatiently waiting for you to lift me
My heart beats out of me wanting to pull your kisses within
You kiss my skin and I wonder why you don’t burst in flame
I think the storm within is going to rip my body apart
I ache and everywhere hurts until your kisses become sharp and violent
Now your kisses become lightning bolts
Our bodies fuse into an ancient dance filled with the storm’s rhythm
The clouds burst and my skin becomes liquid rain
The butterfly tattoos are drowned in the storm that pours through me
I cannot hold my body on the bed anymore, it aches to have you
Swirls of dust blind me and I enter the sun, purple clouds break within
My soul reaches paradise,
my body is heavy lying in your embrace,
the rain quietens, I breathe

*Published in “Lines of Light & Shade” 2010

*International Anthology – Forward Press

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.