Emotions At Tide

Undisturbed turbulence veiled by a calm tranquility,
Unleashed by the Earth’s might
Let its Spirit enfold;
Strange yet magnificent in its complexity
Known to change the essence of the mould.
The placidity, complex in the very simplicity
Known to affect the heart of the matter;
The slow ebb and flow of this inner city
One heightened wave meant to shatter.
The crest at the height
One with both the sun of the day
And the ghostly night shadowed in opaque moonlight;
Ebb and flow, ebb and flow nearing the bay.
Tumult of the heart, contradiction in the mind
Causing torment and pain with an ever-present falter;
Reason and logical thought bound as if by a halter:
Innocence borne out of knowledge
Ceased is the ability to solve,
A problem without the logic of college
All that is needed is involved;
One solution is true:
The answer of Love is the glue
meant to shatter,
in truth to matter…

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.