through it all:after all the tears and smiles,
that is what we were born to do..
to have faith,
we are here to believe,
because we believe even after
it only makes sense to believe in loss….
our hearts continue to shine:just like stars
because we refuse to give in,
we refuse to let go of the hope that we are all here, walking this path and
traveling on this journey..
because of the wonderful unpredictability,
because of the possibility…
what if this was all meant to be,
we are here because after everything
it makes no sense:our hearts continue to believe.
Is that not the faith of a little child?
It is true innocence,
it is the wisdom that has defeated the mind of man?
We press on with the journey,
we continue on our path….
Because He has called us to believe…
Because Faith has called us to believe…
Because Hope has begged us to believe…
Because Love believes…
but the greatest of these is Love.
because we believe

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.