Falling Free

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I used to be afraid of just one thing
Fear of falling from great heights imprisoned me
I imagined stumbling then falling, never waking
I used to dream about falling and breaking on rocks far below
I was always taught the only way to overcome fear is to face it,
I needed to look deep within and find that courage
Our family had looked at death so many times,
How could a mountain overcome my faith in courage
Climbing mountains I found my place of peace
But looking down a mountain made my hands slick with sweat
How ironic that the same place that offers you peace
Can freeze your soul in a prison with gates of fear?
Then one summer’s day with the sun burning down on my mountain
I took the first step to facing my greatest fear
My skin was clammy with cold, rivulets of fear dripped down my back
I watched as crazy people threw themselves off the mountain
Suddenly I found myself sitting on the hot rock
Someone was tying straps and chains around me
I had sudden visions of being bound and chained
Thrown from my place of peace, how could I fall free, chained?
Then a voice broke through my reverie and told me to step out
I opened my eyes and looked down, nothing but empty blue sky was before me
My legs were swinging and there was nothing but cool air there
My vision spun and I thought I was going to faint, I stepped off onto a ledge
There is a time in life when you face mortality and know you are not strong enough
As you stand suspended, a reflection of weakness stares back at you
Covered in shame, you have two choices staring back at you
Jump or step back and accept your weakness
I was in that time standing on that mountain ledge
Looking up, I found myself surrounded by jagged peaks, windswept grass
I saw an eagle far above me flying free and I reached my place of peace,
With my heart in my throat, I stepped off the ledge into blue sky
I felt wild and free, I was falling free, This might be the end, This may begin
I learnt the truest lesson that day, fear is but a ledge you can choose to
step off

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.