Kia Kaha | Stand Strong

May your strength and hope shine through and may it be a beacon to the rest of us.

May God be with you all.
May the Lord still the earth beneath your feet.
May He strengthen your foundations.
May those that are trapped be sheltered under the Lord’s wings and kept safe til they can be rescued…
May those who are waiting to hear be comforted and strengthened…
May those who are scared be encouraged to know that many, many prayers are being lifted up for your city in this hour of her need.
May God be your foundation as the ground’s foundations tremble beneath your feet.

~ dedicated to Christchurch,
a city brought to her knees but still fighting…our hearts are with you.

* Published online in Undead Poets Society, April 10, 2011 under last_lines

© All rights reserved Kim Koning.