Light In The Darkness

The house was covered in shadows
All around me I could see nothing
Then faintly in the distance
I saw a bubble of light
The light moved towards me
I watched as the shadows fled before it
Then the light enveloped me
Cupped in the hand of a man
He stood tall and quiet
All he held was a candle, small and bright
He held it out to me
I could feel the warmth of His flame
“Take this candle and hold it high
Let all around you be bathed in its light
Such is the citizen of My Kingdom
All the shadows of the world be scattered
Still holding the candle I looked around
There were small groups of people
They inched closer to the light
I saw their faces and knew them
They each held an unlit flame,
They held their candles to my flame
Soon the room was bathed in light,
Darkness has no place in this house

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.