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You were helpless but determined
This stroke had you in its quiet prison
but your mind was ready to break free
I can not imagine what you are going through
Trapped in your own body, confused by your own words
I can not understand why you do not fight, I will fight for you
You called out today, not wanting my help
You had no choice, you lay unmoving on the bathroom floor
I picked you up, you felt heavy and fragile all at once
You cried, not looking at my face, pushing me away
I understand, you didn’t want me to see you like this
My heart ached but I knew the last thing you needed were tears
You railed with us every day, asking, demanding answers why
I have no answers for you, this question has confused me
Your anger lashes out at us, your family, you can’t hit at fate
Slowly your anger burns a hole in your heart
You are left burnt out by the rage, there is nothing left
You are left a naked shell, all anger, all fight stripped away
Now every morning your soft crying wakens me
You don’t want to eat, you don’t want anyone here
Your body has become your prison, your chair has become your enemy
I feel you sinking in the grips of death’s twin, despair is her name
I can feel the whirlpool sucking you deeper, I have to hold on to your hand
I will fight for you, You cannot fight for your soul, We will fight for you
People who know nothing of this living hell give us advice
Their words are meaningless and worth nothing but a burial in dust
They say we need to put you away, this would be the best thing
I refuse to give in, you taught me that love was stronger than fear
We refuse to give up on you, we each hold onto a hand and pull strongly
The whirlpool threatens to swallow you, I plead to the One greater than this
I call out to you and your face turns to me, you smile and I see arms
cradling you
I am not ready to give you up, you still have so much to teach me, I will
fight for you…

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.