Scorned Heart

Hurt, raw pain My heart is wrenched out My core lies bleeding in front of me The place I call home is no longer mine They say that love is unconditional They don’t tell you it can lead to pain All romance, all promises, all good Love is a charlatan, I her mere pawn It [...]


through it all:after all the tears and smiles, that is what we were born to do.. to have faith, we are here to believe, because we believe even after it only makes sense to believe in loss…. our hearts continue to shine:just like stars because we refuse to give in, we refuse to let go [...]

Broken Wing

Did you ever heal a broken wing? Did you ever hear the silent noise? Did you ever see an angel fall? Did you ever hear the owl call? I feel a brokenness inside my soul And an eternity within this space I feel an emptiness besides your place And a wound where my heart once [...]


In the late hours of night and the early hours of morn: Silent tears fall from my swollen eyes. All my tears have fallen, now my eyes remain swollen. A sweet smile on my face - a weak light in the winds of loneliness. Each time a friendship begins, each break in my heart deepens. [...]


Losing myself… Drifting… Standing at the core of my life, Watching my past, my present converge in unity. Steeped in exquisite reverie Memories cascade from the depths of my being. The air tinged with joy, remembrance, love underlaid with raw thirst, naked hunger, searching… Change – new, faraway remembered feelings Furnished in bareness. I face [...]

Man, Without

There is a cold That seeps through my soul, It is the cold of a waiting storm. There is a hole that lies in my heart, It is the hole of broken dreams. © All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.

The Servant, 33

tired and dusty, - i have walked the streets of despair and adversity - blinded by the storm’s drumbeat looking for a place of rest i stumble into a stable; my heart filled with unrest, my instincts that of an animal. i find straw for a bed (not aware of Him) i lay down my [...]

Your Robes

You allowed me a touch, I stretched out my hand to grasp Your hem In that moment I knew my weakness I was overcome by sorrowful joy Tears of forgiveness fell from my eyes As Your embracing Love cleansed my soul There was so little of man left As Your Spirit flooded the gates of [...]


Daily I am faced with arrows of temptation My flesh is weak and unwilling I look at my reflection in the mirror I am filled with shame at my wickedness Lord I long for Your daily washing of my soul I long for the life-giving tears to wash my sin away Daily the world wishes [...]


Every great act that has been accomplished Has come about miraculously from a barren beginning. Our walk with the Lord is like a desert Our faith is like a lonely cactus. At times we are surrounded by countless worries and problems Like the grains of sand in the desert But a cactus is the one [...]

Gypsy Heart

I now know where my heart calls home I now understand my belonging There is no place my heart can settle There is no dwelling I call home The deep quiet well that holds words This is my belonging, my place to call home My heart trembles within my soul I write to feel at [...]

The Depths & The Breadths | Psalm 139

The earth trembles and breaks open Thunderbolts with the sound of giant cymbals Clash and echo all around me Lightning flashes as the earth tears her womb There is a rent in the soil beneath my feet I smell burnt sulphur of fear in the air My body cries out in fear with my heart [...]

Light In The Darkness

The house was covered in shadows All around me I could see nothing Then faintly in the distance I saw a bubble of light The light moved towards me I watched as the shadows fled before it Then the light enveloped me Cupped in the hand of a man He stood tall and quiet All [...]


He was a man on the streets Covered in nothing but filth and shame They held their noses closed Thanking God that wasn’t them Even the corpses in their grave Were offered compassion and love This man belonged to the undead And his name was ruined He was a man with two feet in hell [...]

From A Grandchild

He stood tall as an oak His embrace hid me complete He spoke to Nature His harmonica sang to the birds When he held my hand I felt bubbles of joy fill the air When he called me grandchild Pride rippled through me in rivers When night shadows threatened I curled up under his bed [...]

Dust, Butterflies, Rain

Your first kiss had me dying Your second kiss had me breathing With your third kiss my walls fell down All of me was shivering in tension My veins felt like tightly wound violin strings My heartbeats were an orchestra in my ears You lay me down in your bed I could feel where your [...]


The moment our lips touched I felt ancient drumbeats beat painfully at my chest Terrible wild things raced through my blood I died then your lips pressed mine I became your creature that night Death was sweeter than breath Then you cruelly tore the end away I was left barely breathing You brought me back [...]


When I open my eyes, do I see? When I open my ears, do I listen? I look but my focus is blurred I hear but space drowns out all sense Am I awake or am I dreaming alive? Is the door behind me still open? Am I allowed to step back through time? Is [...]

Who stares back at me?

I stand in front of a mirror The reflection is watery I peer at the mirror of my decisions I am swallowed into the waters of reality I have let the image swallow me I fell into the world’s deceit Dreams are unfulfilled, childish I lost them to become an adult Now I stand in [...]


i lost myself this morning i forgot who I had become i slept to escape the reality i woke to a blank page Now I have the freedom I have unlocked the doors of my prison I have become childlike I have found my dreams I stand on top of a cliff top Space falls [...]