Extra! Extra! Announcing Warrior Wednesday!!

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Stop the Blogging Press!

You heard it hear first!!

New Weekly Blog Post!!!



Drum Roll




Warrior Wednesday

From next week, the 26/01, every Wednesday will be dedicated to a Warrior. These are writers and artists that I admire, that I call mentors and that I call friends. Each Wednesday will feature an interview with one of these amazingly talented people.

I already have my first two interviewee bunny rabbits (cuter than guinea pigs) for next week Wednesday.

The first interview will be with the Multi-talented Roz Morris aka Dirty White Candy. This will be a very special interview as this post will be my 100th blog post in this Blog.

My second interview will be with talented Australian Children’s Author, Sheryl Gwyther.

I am scheduling two interviews for the first Wednesday of this weekly post to celebrate the kick-off of this special weekly post and to celebrate my 100th and my 101st Blog Posts.

So, you heard it hear first. Now if you have any burning questions you would like me to ask either of these talented ladies or any future Warriors – please post them in the comments section of this post.

Watch this space

– Wednesday –

Warrior Wednesday



““If a warrior is to succeed at anything, the success must come gently, with a great deal of effort but with no stress or obsession.””

Carlos Castaneda quotes
Writing is the most demanding of callings, more harrowing than a warrior’s, more lonely than a whaling captain’s-that, in essence, is the modern writer’s message.
Melvin Maddocks quotes

Elizabeth Gilbert – She Writes

Elizabeth Gilbert – She Writes.

I was emailed a link to this video this week. As I admire Elizabeth Gilbert, I watched it eagerly. I assumed this video would be about her books. It is but it is also about so much more.

It is a philosophy on creativity. That is the simplest way that I can put it.

Watch this and be inspired. May it encourage you in your creative path as it has on mine.

~ KK