#CoffinHop Is Live | Dance at The “Terrible Myths & Legends” Death Masquerade Ball

All manners of terrifying mythical gods and goddesses, fearsome creatures and masked spirits await you…take a spin in the Kintsugi Poets Ballroom where terrible myths and legends masked in dark poetry await your arrival…
Dance for your life…
Then hop to the other coffin hoppers in the #CoffinHop boneyard…

Wander down to the CoffinHop Boneyard…

The Penultimate Annual Horror Event
24th Oct – 31st Oct
60 Horror Authors/Artists/Poets
8 days of Fearsome Fun
8 days of Generous giveaways/sweepstakes/contests
Terrifying tales, Petrifying Poetry, Spine-tingling stories, Freakish Flash Fiction, Heart-Racing Horror…
Join the Hop and support your favourite Horror Authors/Artists/Poets


Kintsugi Poets Society

The Kintsugi Poets Society invites you to the Terrible Myths & Legends Death Masquerade Ball…
Where your favourite terrible myths and legends come masked in deathly poetry…


Enter in the Rafflecopter Sweepstakes [Enter here > a Rafflecopter giveaway ] for a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card + Mystery Ebook Bundle.
Sweepstakes runs from 24th October (12AM) – 31st October (11:59AM)
Winners will be posted on this blog on Monday, 3rd November 2014.
*Dates and times = US EST Time Zone*

Hop along to CoffinHop for more terrible coffin-hopping fun and contests/giveaways.
Are you ready to do some grave-digging?
Are you ready to do some coffinhopping?



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